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This is important. No one can "motivate" someone else. Motivation comes from the inside person. Inspiration comes from outside. When motivation gets low, watch this.

Freestyle, Butterfly

  Underwater streamline and kick: Ian Thorpe, the best of the best. This is the visual all Silver Tide swimmers need when pushing off a wall in freestyle and butterfly.



Watch the WIDE arms, no head bobble, and superior streamline each stroke.

ADAM PEATY: View from underwater showing a WIDE pull.



GO SWIM: Breaststroke with Brendan Hansen. Again, watch the WIDE pull, the FAST touch and go turns.



Coach-made video of former swimemr Lasse Andersen, S10.Swimmers, fill in the blank here! Head down, hands down_______________ !

Just a FUN Video!


When you just need to see how the Big Swimmers apply their core strength! Enjoy!

Swimming Stereotypes


All over the world, Coaches hear this and just smile. Swimming isn't JUST about hard work!

Underwater Push-ups Video Yes, you really CAN do underwater push-ups. The video below the one you watch tells you how.
Butterfly, Track Start Video An example for swimmers. Swimmer is Erik Midtun, Norway, former #1 junior backstroker, #4 senior.
Dolphin Kick Back Flexibility Video- Coach made Coach-made video showing an excellent example of the flexibility we are working towards in the lower-and-mid back.