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This section is mostly for parents and guardians to browse. It contains some information to help understand why children and placed into different skill development groups.

Child Development

Website Article

This relates to relative age and developmental age. It hels explain how children learn as they go through standard growth and development phases.

Bone Density

Website Article

An abstract on bone density and swimming.



British Swimming site on feeding a young swimmer.


Website Article

Swimming World article about feeding an older swimmer (+12 years)

Carb "loading" is a NO GO for non-adults!

Website Article

"Everyone" knows you MUST carb load before a meet. No, no, no. This is an ADULT, distance/marathon/endurance thing, not for children and youth doing burst power sports with long rests. Carb loading HARMS this sort of performance. Read, please.

Swimmer's Shoulder

Scholarly Article

A very specific and technical detailing of "swimmer's shoulder".