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Sherwood Park Silver Tide Swim Club
At Home Activities

This section contains YouTube links, that families can do at home to keep active during this time of quarantine. It has activities for the whole family, for swimmers of all ages, and for specific ages.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents MUST supervise their children when doing fitness activities. If you have questions or need advice or feedback, please contact Coach Greb @

All Ages

Light Intensity

Coordination and Aerobic #1


All Ages

Light Intensity

Coordination and Aerobic #2


All Ages


Zumba for Beginners (Fun!)


All Ages


Dance Monkey


All Ages


Can't Stop the Feeling


Parents with Swimmers

Core Exercise

Core strength and stability (from basketball)


All Groups Increasing Intensity

"Sprint" (anaerobic) set, 3 times/week


All Groups Main Set

Kid Fit 20 minute video


Parents With Swimmers Circuit Training

Kid Fit 12 minute video


All Groups Cool down

"Shake it Off" after each practice!


Tsunami, SwimFit, Typhoon Main Set

30-minute Practice 3x/week


Tsunami, SwimFit, Typhoon Cardio Blast Intense

4x/week hard work!


Tsunami, SwimFit, Typhoon Abdominal Focus

3-4x/week, once warmed up


Tsunami, SwimFit, Typhoon Very Tough!

HIIT (high intensity interval training, NOT for younger and beginners)