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Silver Tide Swim Club is solely based in Sherwood Park's  Millennium Place pool. Below is a brief description of the programs we offer. If your require further information, please email our registrar for non-competitive groups (Ripple and Silver) or for competition groups (Tide, Wave,Typhoon, Tsunami and SwimFit) for more information.

Select any of the following Silver Swimmer or Competitive links to be taken directly to a description of that swimming group.

Silver Swimmer (pre-competitive) Lesson Program Online Silver Swimmer Registration Link

The Silver Swimmer Lesson Program is a learn to swim program. We start at 4 year olds that can’t float or put their faces in and go up to swimmers that can swim fast and are ready to compete! Practices are held in the wave pool at Millennium Place on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The program is structured in 2 stages and one pre-competitive-stage. The coaches and program coordinator evaluate the swimmers continuously so that when they are ready to move on to the next level they are able to do so right away. We take new registrations throughout the season. Before starting, swimmers will be assessed by the coaches for level placement.

During the season we have 2 fun mini-meets with prizes and a pizza party to follow! These are always a hit with the kids and it gives them a taste of what racing is all about. There are other fun days during the season like bring a friend day, holiday themed practices and games days.

Competitive Swimmer ProgramOnline Silver Swimmer Registration Link

The objective of the competitive program is to help each swimmer achieve their highest potential in the sport, from finishing a race for the first time all the way up to Olympic gold. This includes teaching the processes of focus/concentration, hard work, goal setting and long-term planning. In this way, swimmers not only learn to excel in swimming, but also learn to excel in many important life skills that will help them throughout their lives. Commitment, Consistency, Confidence and Character are some of the life-changing strengths we strive to instill in every swimmer.