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Silver Swimmer Lesson Program

Sherwood Park Silver Tide Swim Club
Silver Swimmer Lesson Program

Sherwood Park Silver Swimmer (pre-competitive) Lesson Program and Ripple (Intro-Competitive)

The Silver Swimmer lesson program is split into 2 Pre-Competitive levels (Level 1 - Basic Skills and Level 2 - Skill Development) and 1 Intro-Competitive level (Ripple). Once a swimmer has completed Level 2 they have the opportunity to move to our beginning competitive program 'Ripple'.

Season Runs last week of September to the end of April.

  • Silver Swimmer Level 1 (Ages 4-6) Basic Skills

    Long-Term Athlete Development Stage: Active Start

    Practice Time: 30 min; 2 days/week

    Pre-requisite: Swimmers are comfortable in the water and can float on their front and back.


    • Teaching fundamentals and developing basic motor learning skills, balance, and coordination in the water
    • Emphasis on having fun, loving the water and the sport
    • Focus on streamlines, basic freestyle, backstroke technique, and dolphin kick
    • Introduction to underwater skills & diving
    • Participation in club functions
  • Silver Swimmer Level 2 (Ages 6-9) Skill Development

    Long-Term Athlete Development Stage: FUNdamentals

    Practice Time: 45 min; 2 days/week

    Pre-requiste: Swimmers can swim 15 meters using Frontcrawl (Free) and Backstroke.

    In this stage swimmers built on the basic swimming skills. Skills such as arm action, sculling and breathing are introduced. Swimmers will also learn whipkick.

    Once the swimmer is confident or has completed this level they are ready to move onto our first competitive level, Ripple.

  • Ripple Swim Group (Intro-Competitive)

Long-Term Athlete Development Stage: FUNdamentals

Practice Time: 1 hr; 2 days/week

The Ripple Group is the introductory group for competitive swimming with Silver Tide. Swimmers in this group have either graduated from the Silver Swimmer program or have been evaluated at this level.

Training is aimed at improving and developing skills in all four strokes as well as gaining an understanding of starts and turns.

Attendance at practice will help swimmers gain confidence as they enter competitions and begin to set goals in the sport. Participation at meets is limited to regional meets with the emphasis on having a positive racing experience and enjoying the process of becoming a competitive swimmer.