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Frequently Asked Quesitons (FAQ)

New Parents and Registrations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commitment to belong to the club?

Twice per week, one hour per session. This is the requirement for swim school participants and the recommendation for either Masters or recreational athletes. Twice per week, for swim school participants, to facilitate learning and repetition. One hour also provides the swim school instructor the ability to get to four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly), teach basic movement skills (sculling, propulsion, and breath control) and some technical skills (starts and turns). For those registered with Recreation or Masters, two sessions at one hour or ninety minutes, provides sufficient training to remain fit.

How and who evaluates my swimmer?

With few exceptions, swimmers are directed to the swim school program. This enables the instructor and coaches a chance to assess your swimmer’s level of development and skill development. If your swimmer is not suitable for the level of program registered, the coaching team in combination with the registrar, will make adjustments to make sure that the program is appropriate to the individual skill level. Swimmers that are transferring from another team, either in the Huronia region or in the province, will be evaluated based on their age, stage of development and in consultation with the departing club coaches. Thus, they will be recommended for a specific level and adjusted in the fullness of the competitive season.

What is the difference between recreational programs and the competitive stream (AG; Junior and Senior programs)?

Recreation streams including swim school, high school aged and masters do not have any competitive expectations. The competitive streams, including age group (AG), junior and senior participants, are expected to attend various competitive opportunities on a graduated basis. An AG 1 swimmer, who is often a first year swimmer, may attend up to 6 meets per year. A senior swimmer may attend up to 12 meets per calendar year and may train to 45 weeks per year to be physically ready to compete at these events.

What are the fundraising and participation expectations in the competitive streams?

Programs for the age group (AG) and junior/senior programs operate on a financial loss. This is designed with the specific purpose of keeping programs affordable to member families. Fundraising available throughout the competitive season enables us to offset this loss with either special events, bingo revenues and Swim A thon (SAT). Participation fees enable members to obtain volunteer hours with the club and often these include meet hosting. Meet hosting enable the club to enhance the revenues and thus keep program fees under control.

When is my swimmer suitable to attend meets?

Any swimmer registered in the competitive stream will be encouraged to attend swim meets. The respective coach will determine what swim meet is suitable to your swimmer, time trial, developmental, invitational and championship events. If the swimmer has qualified for championship meets, the coach will consider variables including attendance and physical readiness to attend that event. If the swimmer is suitable, then the coach will advise the swimmer and that swimmer’s family.

What do I do now?

Attend our club registration day, Thursday, September 8th, 2016 ( to be oriented to the registration process online. In addition, coaches will be on hand to providing direction for the registration process. Coaches can provide their expertise in evaluating and assessments, explain the competitive template and direct parents in the selection of the appropriate events for competitions. In addition, this night will give you a chance to meet the coaching staff and ask specific questions about your swimmers group.