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Head Coach Welcome

Head Coach Welcome

For approximately 80 years, Trent Swim Club has been serving the needs of local competitive athletes in the pursuit of excellence in amateur swimming. This has included the hiring and supporting of paid professional staff, who are qualified, certified, and competent at directing a program and leading its athletes to achievement at regional, provincial and national level competition. We are excited to continue this tradition again this coming season.

To achieve success, many parts need to work in concert with each other including the athletes, parents, coaches, board of directors, facilities, community leader and regional partnerships. We are very excited at one aspect in particular, the development of a new aquatics facility on the campus of Trent University, in the city of Peterborough. Once realized, this state of the art design will serve our membership, local aquatic groups, recreational users and the broader Peterborough region for the next 40 years. We are fortunate in that the city recognizes Trent swim club as not only a key stakeholder but more importantly as partner. This will ensure that our voice is heard in the design, construction and operation of this new facility.

Having said this, we are in the short term ensuring that the best possible program is implemented with our current facility environments. Trent Swim Club uses Trent Athletics centre as the principle training 'Hub' and offers recreational programs at the Balsillie Family YMCA and the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre. We have also utilized the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) up to seven times per year since its inception in 2014. The goal of each TPSAC training session is to improve racing skills, aerobic fitness, familiarize each swimmer with a world class competition facility and enhancing team social cohesion by providing team travel to and from the venue.

We urge all parents to be involved in the club. This starts with assisting our home meets as officials. This enables us to host other clubs from the region, assists us in making sure that each participant has a quality experience, and ensures that a contribution to the club's revenues are derived by meets. This will include three FUNdamental swim school racing events, that will be hosted at the Trent Athletics centre's Allan Marshall pool. These FUNdamental racing opportunities provide our swim school participants with a competitive experience that acts as a link to our initial competitive stream AG1.

The Trent coaching team will once again include Kent Crockower, our head age group coach and Jacqueline Craft, our swim school lead as well as Christine Hodgson overseeing AG1 and Dan Horvath serving as an assistant to the overall program. We are very excited about the contribution of each of these experienced, enthusiastic and engaging coaches. All four ensure that swimmers are appropriately directed, safely instructed and effectively taught in the various aspects of swimming skills and techniques.

For returning and new members, online registration commences September 1st and we urge all of you to have all appropriate forms and financial arrangements in place for Monday, 9th September, the first day of workouts.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the head coach at

Thanks again for your continued support of our program and looking forward to our September launch.



Dan Stratton, ChPC

Trent Swim Club