WAC Expense Report Form
A message from our Treasurer, Richard Jazvac - accounts@windsoraquatic.com
A new Expense Report Form has been created so all of our coaches and volunteers with "out-of-pocket" expenses or who have a request to use the WAC credit card can be reimbursed or approved in a timely and accurate manner.
The first tab on the expense form is the new one page template. I have inserted a second tab with a "sample" expense report.  Please note, the template is Printer Setup as 1 page letter landscape.  
Officially we will accept the following formats: 
1) Hard copy of the Expense report with all receipts attached were applicable, signed and dated, for auditing purposes they will be reviewed/approved by either the President and/or Vice President. or
2) Submitted electronically with attached copies of all receipts were applicable to the President and/or Vice President and copied to the Treasurer.  These will then be processed for accounting and reimbursement and/or reconciled to the WAC credit card statements.

Please remember, under CRA rules, any expenses reimbursed without proper receipts and/or description and purpose of payment can be misunderstood as a personal income payment.  We don't want that, so lets have the proper paperwork from the start.


Download the new Expense Report Form here (Excel file format)


I have inserted a few points related to the Expense Reporting guidelines:

4.1       Approved Expense Report Form is to be used in the preparation, which personally attests that the expenditures were reasonable and actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred for the purpose of WAC’s duties. 

    4.1.1      All expense reports must be submitted to the President and/or Vice President and copied to the Treasurer for review and approval.  Approved expense reports will be processed by the Treasurer.

    4.1.2      Expense reports should be submitted for review and approval immediately upon expenditure or returning from a business trip and not later than two (2) weeks.  Under no circumstances will WAC reimburse expenses dating back more than six (6) months.

    4.1.3      All expense reports are subject to further internal/external audits and will only be reimbursed when all expenses in question have been resolved.


4.2       Receipts

    4.2.1    Representatives must obtain and attach to their expense report an original receipt or other documentary evidence of payment with respect to all of the following expenses:

  1. amounts paid by the Representative or billed to WAC
  2. all expenses for hotels or other lodgings must use receipt provided
  3. all expenses charged utilizing the WAC credit card, regardless of how small
  4. all stationary purchased
  5. all hosted swim meet expenses   
  6. any other single expense in excess of $5.00

Thanks again for your patience as we streamline and incorporate administrative efficiencies.  Our overall goal is to have clear and concise reporting on a timely basis.

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