In order for our club to get sanctioned to host our own swim meets, it is essential for us to have as many members as possible registered at, taking courses and “moving up the ladder.” New and established members are required to take courses and move towards their level I,level II and beyond.

To “move up the ladder” you can take courses in person at clinics and online. Periodically clubs hold clinic days where you can take courses in person. But you can take courses anytime online at To take a course online, let the officials coordinator know which course you want to take (send an email to and they will email you the course enrollment key. Then simply login to your account at then choose online clinics from the “clinics” drop down at the top of the page. You’ll be taken the online clinics page where you can find the list of available clinics. The following is the order we recommend taking clinics in

  • Level I Timekeeper & Safety Marshall
  • Level 2 Strokes & Turns
  • Level 2 Chief Timekeeper
  • Level 2 Clerk of Course
  • Level 2 Chief Judge Electronics
  • Level 2 Chief Finish Judge  (CJE/CFJ are often combined at in person clinics)
  • Level 2 Recorder Scorer
  • Level 2 Meet Management

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To learn more about Officiating and how you can climb the ladder visit

Swim Ontario provides detailed Clinic titles and descriptions you can check them out here: Officiating Positions and job description

You must attend a clinic in person but you can review the material for provided for each clinic here: All Clinics Handouts