New Policies


January 6, 2016

Policy:  Members not in good standing

Members are considered not in good standing when their accounts fall to a deficit that persists past the session fee due date without Board approval and without sufficient rationale.

The Williams Lake Blue Fins Board of Directors, or appointed designate, shall make all reasonable attempts at contacting members promptly when their account is not in good standing.  Contact may be in the form of email, telephone, verbal and/or written lettered notification.

Members who are not in good standing and do not have a board-approved payment strategy:

  • Shall not participate in competitive swim meets
  • Shall not progress into the next swimming session.
  • Shall not participate in team practise/functions after two weeks of being notified that they are in arrears.

Session fee due dates are posted each year.

Upon receipt of all outstanding session fees and other related deficits, or upon establishment of a Board-approved payment plan, members can resume full club activities.  The Board retains the right to deny families club membership who are considered ‘not in good standing’ more than twice per swim year.


*Policy approved by Board at the January 2016 board meeting.