Grad Scholarship

 The Blue Fins Swim Club has up to 3 annual scholarships for Graduating Swimmers attending post secondary school. 

Applications for the scholarships must be submitted prior to May 31 of each year. A brief letter that outlines your contributions to the club and achievements during your swim club years (both swimming and other achievements). Proof of enrollment (at a later date) must be presented to receive the scholarship funds.

Scholarships will be based on the following criteria - 

-  Scholarships in total of - $1000 to be divided up by the Head Coach with board approval 

-  Maximum allotted scholarship for each person will not exceed $500 

-  Member of the club in good standing  for a minimum of 3 years.

- Competition level achieved  - Sr. Nationals (priority), Westerns (secondary), AAA (consideration), 

- Continuing on swimming at the post secondary level 

- Level of participation in the club including volunteering, coaching, and swimming.

Commitment to the club in terms leadership to other members, attendance at events and positive influence to the membership.