Code of conduct

Athlete Code of Conduct             WILLIAMS LAKE BLUE FINS SWIM CLUB

·         Always gives as much effort at practices and competitions as they can -even if they are not feeling their best

·         Does not complain, is patient with their coach and teammates 

·         Listens to their coach in a respectful manner, understands the coach is trying to make them better

·         Accepts feedback from the coach and tries to apply what the coach has said to their performance

·         Communicates their thoughts and feelings to the coach in a respectful way

·         Recognizes that hard practices and challenges are set in place to help achieve their goals at the end of the season

·         Has a positive attitude—avoids saying “I can’t” but instead says to themselves “I will try, and try harder”

·         Understands that a mix of fun and hard work is essential to success and enjoyment of the sport

·         Supports their teammates and encourages them to do their best

·         Listens to coaches and lifeguards

·         Competes fairly, following all rules and guidelines

·         Loves the sport they are in and speaks highly of it

·         Acts in a respectful way towards coaches and other swimmers

·         Is a positive role model against body harming substances like drugs and alcohol

·         Surrounds themselves with positive people who support their healthy habits

·         Contributes to a positive and fun environment!

Parent Expectations  


Practice Expectations

·         Arrive at the pool on time for dryland and does it well

·         Brings a WATERBOTTLE!

·         Comes to practice with a positive attitude ready to give 100% effort.

·         Tries to park bad days and bad experiences at the door when they come in.

·         Encourages teammates.

·         Tries to finish properly to the wall on every length.

·         Does proper turns at every wall every chance they can

·         Be willing to develop all FOUR strokes.

·         Does dolphin kicks better than the day before at every workout.

·         Communicate missed practices with the coach prior to the occurrence – email

·         Speaks to the coach prior to the start of practice.

·         Listens to the coach when they are speaking.

·         Participates in the set up/take down of the pool – flags, lane ropes, kick boards, fins, etc.

·         Respect your coach, your teammates, and yourself.

Meet Expectations

·         Arrive at the pool deck on time for your scheduled dryland warm up time.

·         Wears team gear and shows team spirit by cheering on your teammates.

·         Talks to your coach before and after all races.

·         Takes care of your body to maximize your performance.

·         Dress appropriately for the weather—sweatshirt, sweatpants, jackets if cold

·         Fuel your body with healthy food.

·         Shows up and tries to swim all your races even if they don’t feel great.

·         Tries new races and challenges themselves to get better even on events they don’t like.

·         Conducts yourselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

·         Does not put down your competitors or teammates

·         Maintains composure after BOTH good and bad races