Welcome Letter Info


September 2019

Hello Swim Families!

Welcome to the exciting world of swimming. We hope your child or children will enjoy their time with the Williams Lake Blue Fins. Every year, we enjoy seeing eager new swimmers as well as our dedicated returning swimmers.  This year, the Blue Fins Board wishes to be even more transparent and open by informing both our new and returning families what we will be expected from the parents, guardians, and swimmers during our 2019-2020 Season. 



  1. Swim Meets

    Twice a year, in December and May, the club hosts a Fun Meet for just our team as well as hosting one large Cariboo Dental Frost Fest Swim Meet at the end of February in which a number out of town teams attend. In order to make sure all these meets run smoothly and are successful, we need help from everyone. This means that if you wish for your child/children to participate in these fun and exciting events, every family must sign up for a job or duty. Also note, that taking part in the large swim meet will require a minimal fee from every swimmer. Therefore, if your child swims, we require your help. The following are examples of the jobs that are needed, and your swim meet coordinators will help with any training, questions, or concerns you may have.


    Super Novice

  2. set up, take down, entrance table, timing, and food prep for officials


  3. timing, safety marshal, stroke and turn, possible computer work, ribbon table


  4. timing, stroke and turn, starter, scoreboard


    The club needs a succession plan, so we know that moving forward, there are trained officials ready and available to run a successful swim meet. Working at a swim meet allows parents to truly understand the sport of swimming and communicate more effectively with your child and their coaches. Officials are timers, stroke and turn judges, the starter, the referee, the chief timer, and computer officials. Training will be provided as required as well as refresher courses prior to an event. Everyone develops at their own pace and the club has a great group of people to help along the way.


  5. Raffle Tickets

    One of our club’s most important fundraisers is from the sale of our raffle tickets. Every child registered is required to sell one (1) packet of tickets. These tickets will be available in the office to sign out in early September. Families that do not return the tickets by the deadlines will be charged for the full cost of the packet of ten (10) tickets. We also have a prize for the family who sells the most tickets.


  6. Paying with cash or cheque

    Should you wish to pay with cash or cheque for your session fees, new equipment, swim meet costs, etc. you will no longer be able to give money directly to any of the coaches. There have been some difficulties in the past year, therefore, money needs to be handed to a designated individual who shall issue you a receipt immediately. These individuals can be found at the end of this letter. The cash or cheque MUST be in an envelope with child’s full name, amount, and what it is paying for. The club wishes to have a very clear and transparent understanding for collection of payment.


    General Information:


    Should you have any questions regarding registration, financial matters, swim meets, equipment purchases, or trouble with the website please do not hesitate to contact any of the people listed below. We wish to have a parent representative for each of our swim groups that shall be in contact with the board in order to be a present and visible source of information should you have any questions. The club is also hoping to have information meetings when there are upcoming events so that everyone is kept in the loop and can ask as many questions as they need. For future reference, these contact individuals, their email and phone numbers will be posted inside the Blue Fins office, to the left of the door. Please allow 24 hours for a return of your inquiry. Our Facebook page, as well as our website, has a wealth of information so please do not hesitate to utilize those resources for your questions.



    Financial, equipment, and registration questions, as well as cash or cheque payments, please speak directly to these people.

    Naomi Smith, President, 250.305.6282,

    Carrie Knox, Vice-President, 250.305.4737,

    Phoebe Bailey, Treasurer (she can be found in the office)

    Lisa Kerley, Registrar,

    Jodi Stokes, Super Novice/Juniors Parent Rep, 250.305.7735



    Should you have any coaching questions please direct these to Chad, Wally or Amanda. THERE IS A COACH ICON ON THE TOP LEFT SIDE OF THE WEB PAGE TO CONTACT COACHES



    The Blue Fins Board is always looking for new members willing to help with the different committees that work on various projects throughout the year. These committees include Fundraising, Social Activities, Swim Meet, and Christmas Tree Sales. Please let our President, Naomi Smith, know if you are interested in working in any of these areas. As we all know, many hands make light work!



    Thank you all for your understanding and we look forward to a fun and successful swim season!


    The Blue Fins Board