As in every organization, it is important to participate in Fundraising in order to keep the costs of the activity, in this case, swimming, from increasing.

Each session has it’s own fundraising obligation per group.  Of course you are invited, and it is hoped you will “exceed” your fundraising obligation, however, it was necessary for the club to impose a “set amount” for each swim member. Some fundraisers give you a % back into your account, or a time value that is based on a $ amount. You can make more than the required amount and receive credit towards the last session (Swim A Thon).  

Fundraising activity samples:  (may include all or some of the following):

Purdy’s Chocolate Sales – Approximately 20% of total sales goes towards your fundraising obligation.

Operation Red Nose - $50 credit towards obligated amount. Work on New Years and Get $75 towards Fundraising. Ford usually donates cars for us to drive in teams so that no one is by themselves driving people home. Usually time is 8pm-2am. There is a meeting spot (central dispatch) to sit and wait for the calls to come in. Some nights are busy while others can be quiet. 

Christmas Tree Sales – $25 credit for each 2 hour block you work. 

Raffle Tickets - in the Spring % back to families will be posted.

Swim A Thon 

See Swim A Thon information below. 

Swim A Thon -

You can either collect a lump sum from someone and then collect the money immediately or, you can get a per lap donation which would be based on how many laps they would swim in the time period allotted.

 If you are sponsoring your child for  any amount, according to Rev Can rules, you cannot collect a tax receipt for the donation because it is a club event.

You must fill out both the pledge form and the Family Affidavit. No forms –no Tax receipts.

Return the forms and $$$ one week after the event to be eligible for the prizes for the top fundraisers.

This event is usually a lot of fun! It will be an event to challenge each swimmer to swim as many laps as they possibly can in the allotted time. They can even do kick and other strokes if they like but coaches will encourage them to do at least half of it freestyle.