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           5.1      All swimmers will respect and follow all instructions from Coaches.

5.2       Swimmers will be sent to the showers by the Coaches if their behavior in the pool becomes unruly or unmanageable or if they not training as per Coach's instructions.

5.3       Each swimmer is encouraged to have a pair of goggles, a cap, fins, flutter board, pool buoy and a water bottle.  Bring them to every practice and meet. Label your belongings.

5.4       Swimmers are responsible for making sure they have adequately stretched or warmed up at a meet. 

5.5       Pushing or throwing a member in the pool at a practice or meet is an automatic suspension for the practice or meet.

5.6       Any questions or concerns can be presented to the Coach Liaison in writing via email at [email protected]

5.7       Swimmers are responsible for making sure they are on deck 10 minutes before their event at a swim meet.

5.8       Swimmers are responsible for keeping the deck tidy and looking after their own belongings.

5.9      Swimmers are responsible to be on deck 15 minutes prior to practice starting to warm up.