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Club Policies



4.1     Swimmers are to be notified via website/email of all upcoming meets and will also be   

           responsible to sign up for meets, with the approval of their parent/guardian.

4.2     Inappropriate or disruptive behavior by the swimmer or parent at practice or a competition can result in a suspension of member services.

4.3      We encourage all members to attend all practices and meets.

4.4     Swimmers must notify the Coach or an executive member in writing via email if they must withdraw from a meet. Swimmers who do not withdraw before the appointed date or do not show up to the meet will be invoiced the swim meet fee.

4.6     All swimmers will wear a WOSC swim cap at competitions.  

4.7     Swimmers and their families are encouraged to participate in all club fundraising activities.

4.8     If a swimmer is not following the Code of Conduct the swimmer could be removed from the club by the  WOSC Executive Committee.

4.9     In the event that a major infraction occurs such as theft, violence, or abusive behaviors, a meeting shall be called with the involved individual(s), Parent(s), Coach/Parent Liaison, and Coach where consequences shall be put in place.

4.10    If a meeting is called due to a disciplinary matter, the swimmer will not be permitted in the pool or on deck until a meeting has been held, where the issue was been dealt with and consequences and conditions have been satisfied.

4.11    Should a major issue occur that cannot be resolved between the coach, Coach/Parent Liaison, and parent(s), the matter will be brought to the attention of the WOSC Executive Committee.