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Swim Meet Basics

Swim Meet Basics

When are the meets?

  • The meet dates and locations can be found in a few spots
    • ​Swimmers Lane - meet schedule 
    • Events 
    • Calendar tab 


What meets does my swimmer go to?

  • We encourage swimmers to attend as many meets as possible. The club requires that parents volunteer at our home meet and encourages swimmers to sign up to compete. This year, our home meet is scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 at the Manluk Centre. 
  • We encourage you to talk to your coach if a younger swimmer is at a meet that their older sibling is attending.  They may also be eligible to compete.



How do I pick events for my swimmer to swim at a swim meet?

  • When you declare that you are "attending" a meet you need to type in the requested events in the Notes section.
  • If your swimmer is unsure of which events they may speak to their coach.
  • Your coach has the final say if a swimmer may enter any event. 
  • All swimmers will experience all events suitable to their development level throughout the season.
  • Many meets will only allow you to pick some of your swimmers events. The coach will pick the other ones. If you have a concern with any of the events chosen or could be chosen please speak to our coach liaison. 


How does my swimmer get to be on a relay?

  • Relays are selected by the coaches.  Coaches then inform the swimmers as to who is swimming which relay during that session.
  • Relay selection at development meets are geared to include as many WOSC swimmers as we can. The goal being for as many athletes to experience and learn about relays as possible. 
  • Relay selection at Regionals is based on times.


When do we have to be at the meet? Do we have to stay all day?

  • ALL swimmers competing in more then 1 event at a meet MUST be there for warm ups which will be posted shortly before the meet. You can generally assume it will be around 7am. You are required to stay until your swimmer has finished all of their events, including relays.
  • If your swimmer is only swimming 1 event (ex: flutterboard, short free, short back) then please check with your coach or a board member as to when he/she is required to be in camp.



Listed below are a few guidelines to help you through your first couple of swim meets. If you have any questions please contact us.

Before the swim meet starts:

  1. The meet warm up and session information will be distributed a few days before the swim meet. If you have questions about when and where to be, please contact us.
  2. Upon arrival find your team and check in with your coach. Warm up instructions will be given.
  3. After warm-up, your swimmer will go back to the area where the team is sitting and wait there until their first event is called.
  4. Younger swimmers may want to write each event-number on their hand in ink. This helps them remember what events they are swimming and what event number to listen or watch for.
  5. The meet will generally start at 8am.
  6. Parents can purchase Heat Sheets at select meets. Most of the time they sell for $3.  It lists all the swimmers in each event in order of "seed time". If the swimmer is swimming an event for the first time, they will be entered as a "no-time" or "NT".  A "no-time" swimmer will most likely swim in one of the first heats of the event.  You may want to bring a highlighter so that you can highlight your swimmers events. 
  7. Some meets are no longer selling Heat Sheets or very limited amounts. For these meets the heat sheets will be emailed out the day before the meet so that you can print them at home to bring. You can also download Meet Mobile to view live results.
  8. Parents are not allowed on deck.        

Meet Starts:

  1. Swimmer's event number will be called over a loudspeaker.  Swimmers will be asked to report to the marshaling area. Swimmers will be lined up in heat/lane order and taken down to lanes.
  2. The swimmer swims their race.
  3. After each swim:   Swimmers go immediately to their coach. The coach will discuss the swim with the swimmer. The coach will give positive comments and praise and will give suggestions for improvement.
  4. The swimmer will then return to camp.
  5. The swimmer now waits until their next event is called and starts the procedure again.
  6. Results can be found in a few spots:  posted somewhere in the facility, on the host teams website or on Meet Mobile.

Extra Information:

  1. Swimmers are encouraged to wear WOSC attire during the swim meet.
  2. Swimmers are required to wear WOSC swim caps.