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Swim Meet Check List


Swim Meet Check List

 Here is a list of things you may want to bring to swim meets. You certainly don't have to bring all of it, and you may find that you want to bring other things as well!


  •  lawn chairs
  •  air mattress, bed roll or some sort of padding for your child to lay on.
  •  small tent - if the swim camp is going to be outside (Fort Sask)
  •  sleeping bag or blanket and pillow
  •  2 or 3 towels
  •  clothes for your swimmer to put on in between heats (maybe a couple of changes of clothes)
  •  flip flops or shoes that can easily slip on and off that can get wet
  •  extra goggles and cap
  •  team swimsuit/clothing
  •  LOTS of water
  •  a cooler
  •  lots of healthy snacks and a lunch
  •  things to keep your swimmer busy in between their heats (coloring books, little toys, games, cards, etc.) No Balls or flying objects
  •  a book or magazine to keep you busy if you are going to sit in swim camp!!
  •  Cash so that you can buy a heat sheet (they are usually between $2-$5)
  •  A highlighter, permanent marker, and pen. You will need the highlighter to highlight your child's heats in the heat sheet, a marker to write their heats on their arm, and a pen to record times, etc.
  •  Something to carry it all in. I have see people use laundry baskets, those big blue Ikea bags, or suitcases.

 Once you have gone to a meet or two, you will figure out what works for you in terms of what to bring and how to carry it all. Hope this helps!!

NOTE for Wetaskiwin Meet - we will be walking to the pool from the Drill Hall. Please make sure the swimmers have shoes/flip flops and house coat to walk outside.