Team Sponsors

The operation of the Wetaskiwin Olympian Swim Club relies heavily on parent volunteers and requires every family to help in at least one position per season. Every swim meet that our club attends also requires our club to provide officials. Many of these positions are VERY simple so please do not be afraid to step forward. 

Volunteer Options Include:   

  1. WOSC Executive Position  
  2. Casino Workers (Approx every 3rd year)  
  3. Wetaskiwin Swim Meet Workers                
  4. Year-End Party Coordinator (x2 positions)                  
  5. Picture Day Helper                  
  6.  Swim -a-thon Counters (min 12 positions)  


 PLEASE NOTE: All WOSC swimmers are encouraged to attend and participate in the WOSC Home Meet (pending coach approval) which will be held June 2nd, 2019.  Families must provide a volunteer to work at the meet. 

Make sure to volunteer at other swim meets that your swimmers are in. If you would like more information on what you can do please click on OFFICALS at the top of the page