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Our 2018-19 Otters Officials Coordinator is Jenny Hippel.

Please feel free to contact her at if you are interested in finding out more information on volunteering as an official or taking an official clinic.

Upcoming official clinics will be posted here soon.

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Volunteers Thank You! - OSA & YDG Time Trial on May 18, 2019.
Dear Families,
Saturday, May 18th saw our first Time Trial for the OSA/YDG groups.  This in-house meet has provided our novice swimmers with yet another opportunity to learn how a swim meet works and gave them an additional chance to better their times for upcoming events.  Through attending events such as these, swimmers become more independent as they learn swimmer's etiquette and gain confidence for caring for themselves during their races.  Of course these opportunities can not be experienced without the dedication of families and volunteers who get them to the pool and give of their time.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big THANK YOU to those volunteers who gave of their time!!  We had an excellent turnout!  For the over 40 participants, we had 29 volunteers.  Volunteers from all levels and swim groups within the WV Otters Swim Club were represented by various family members, those who had children that were swimming at other meets in the Lower Mainland this weekend and even injured swimmers came out to put in some time.  That's a sign of dedication and goes to show what a great community we have here at the Otters Swim Club!  With most of the volunteers novice to their roles, we had a lot of learning going on, but with everyone focused on their piece, we had a successful Time Trial to the benefit of all of our swimmers.
All of those that volunteered for the Time Trial will have 2 volunteer hours recorded and added to your cumulative family volunteer hours for the year.  A reminder that each family is required to complete 15 hours each year.
Next steps
Swimmers & Parents:
Now that swimmers have had some experience this year with both local swim meets and an in-house Time Trial, it is a great time to review the Code of Conduct for all members of our swimming community contained within the WV Otters Handbook.  There is additional information within this handbook that is a good start to learning how the Club works. 
For those of you wishing to continue educating yourself on officiating, please begin by taking a look at the following Clinic and Quiz information on the Swim Canada Website:
Introduction to Swimming Officiating:
Chief Timekeeper Clinic:
*Although most officiating courses require attending a seminar, Swim BC is now allowing individuals to become Level 1 Certified by taking these online courses in addition to at least two practical experiences.  Please contact Jenny (WVOSC Officials Coordinator) at if you complete these online exercises and to discuss your individual pathway to official certification.
Thank you once again for your gift of time and choosing to be an active contributor to both the WVOSC and your child's swim experience.
Kind regards,
WVOSC Officials Coordinator