Team Captains

Otters Team Captains

Samantha Zastre

  Jimmy Zhang  


Samantha Zastre joined the West Vancouver Otters in 2015, from another
competitive team on the north shore, starting initially in coach Norman’s AA
Group. Samantha moved up to the provincial group that season, and one
year later she was invited to move into Janusz’s National group. With the
support of her team mates and dedicated instruction of her coaches she
feels she had a very successful past season which resulted in her meeting
her goal for the year in qualifying for Nationals in 6 events plus team
relays. She is now ready for another great season to begin! Samantha is
honoured to be selected as the new female team captain for 2017/2018
and can’t wait to see what this new season will bring for the team. She is
looking forward to seeing hard work, fast swimming and of course lots of
fun this year with the Otters team. Samantha would like to wish everyone
good luck for this season and remind everyone to constantly keep up the
challenge to improve and do your best!

Jimmy Zhang joined the West Vancouver Otters in 2009, starting from LMR and moving up through the groups until landing in Janusz’s group in 2012/2013 season. Jimmy is currently a senior in high school and is very excited to not only be the male team captain but to also see some fast racing and some hard training while also having fun while doing it.

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Team Captain Responsibilities

The Team Captain should:

•    Create a positive group environment for all athletes.
•    Be the team motivator, the enthusiast, the person who sees the good that hard training can do.
•    Be the liaison between team members and the coaching staff whenever possible.
•    Notify and coordinate team members of all team activities, meetings, dinners, etc.
•    Keep a current record of emails, Facebook and phone numbers of all team members.
•    Display exceptional sportsmanship, so that team members can emulate.