Time Standards

2017-2018 Time Standards

There has been a major overhaul of the time standards for BC this season. 

Here are links to explanation and standards of Tier 1 and 2:
In a nutshell:
Tier 1
- only for 12 & under Females and 13 & under Males; 13 & over females and 14 & over males are ineligible for Tier 1
- all swimmers must qualify for the 200 IM in their respective age category
- they must qualify for 1 other event under the Tier 1 standard
- at the competition, they can swim up to 8 events
- finals only for 200 IM and 1 other event (other event TBC)
Tier 2
- for all 18 & under swimmers; please see time standards above
- at the Tier 2 competition, swimmers will compete in what they qualify for (ie. if they qualify for 1 event, they may swim in 1 event; if they qualify for 4 events, they may swim 4 events; no bonus events)
- heats and finals for all events
- younger swimmers that qualify for Tier 2 events may compete at Tier 2 championships

2017-2018 Provincial Para-Swimming Qualifying Standards_

2017-2018 Swimming Canada Time Standard (LCM Only)

2017-2018 National and East/West Para Standards