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Every Wave Starts as a Ripple......

RIPPLES "Learn to Swim" PROGRAM (5 yrs old and up)

So what exactly is RIPPLES? Well, it means that your child is enrolled in a program that does not compete at regular sanctioned swim meets like our competitive program. Our RIPPLES program starts with children as young as 5 years old, where we begin to teach the fundamentals of the four core strokes: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly. In addition, swimmers are introduced to dives, turns and competitive swim etiquette.

Each subsequent group become more challenging with both the amount and duration of swimming increasing as your child progresses. As compared to the Red Cross Swim Program, our Ripples program focuses on improving technique and building endurance. It should be expected that your child spend a at least one full season in one level before advancing to the next.


Our RIPPLES program offers 3 core levels based on the following:

Ripples One: Orientation to Water and basic swimming skills – Emphasis is placed on the introduction of kick for the 4 core strokes while learning proper body position and balance in the water. In addition, swimmers will be introduced to the basic stroke movements such as arm action, sculling and breathing while working on coordination. Coach to Swimmer Ratio 1:4

Ripples Two: Skill Development and introduction to the fundamentals of 4 core strokes – Emphasis is placed on stroke development, coordination, and breathing control. In addition, swimmers are introduced to basis dives, turns and competitive swimming etiquette. Two 12 and Under swim meets hosted by the Wave are included in the fees for the season (Sept. 24 - May 4).Coach to Swimmer Ratio 1:8

Ripples Three: Stroke refinement and endurance – Emphasis is placed on stroke refinement, stroke efficiency and improving reaction and coordination while enhancing endurance.  In addition, swimmers are introduced to advanced dives and turns in preparation for competitive swimming. A strong focus is placed on further competitive swimming etiquette and rules in adherence to Swim Manitoba Standards. Two 12 and Under swim meets hosted by the Wave are included in the fees for the season (Sept. 25 - May 4).  Coach to Swimmer Ratio 1:10


All new swimmers are evaluated at the start of each swim season.  Based on current skill level, swimmers are placed into appropriate groups. Please see Ripples group details for more information.

Ripples Program Fees

Costs for all Ripples programs include:

  • Swim Canada/Swim Manitoba Fee

Ripples One:

Two practices per week program: $600 annual fee 

Ripples Two:

Two practices per week program: $725 per season

Ripples Three:

Three practices per week program: $950 per season

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