Competitive Program


The WAVE Competitive Program is for swimmers aged 8 years old and up and is divided into four groups:

  1. Novice Competitive
  2. Developmental Competitive
  3. Junior Competitive
  4. Senior Competitive

Competitive swimmers compete at local and out-of-town swim meets. In some cases, swimmers will compete at provincial level and out-of-province/national level meets. 

Practice locations include:

  1. North End Centennial Pool (NEC)
  2. Eldon Ross Pool (ERP)
  3. Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre (CKRC)
  4. NRG Athletes Therapy Fitness (NRG)  at Seven Oaks Arena

Dryland Training

The Winnipeg Wave Swim Club will be continuing its association with NRG Athletes Therapy Fitness Inc. They will be providing professional dryland training sessions for our Developmental, Junior and Senior Competitive groups.

What most parents have a strong belief in is that more water training the better, but we need to have a balanced approach between water training and dry land training that works within our current pool space. All of our groups have dry land training incorporated within training regime. When we are doing dry land we need to ensure that our swimmers are wearing appropriate clothing (IE club uniform) & footwear.

Competitive Program Fees

Costs for all Competitive programs include:

  • All practice times from September through to June
  • All non-qualifier meet fees for all program meets (non-refundable)
  • Swim Canada/Swim Manitoba fee

Novice Competitive:

Annual membership fee: $1,790.00

Developmental Competitive:

Annual membership fee: $2,370.00

Junior Competitive:

Annual membership fee: $3,040.00

Senior Competitive:

Annual membership fee: $3,370.00

*Season fees subject to increases. These prices reflect 2017-2018 fees.

Click HERE for Competitive Group Information and Schedule