Q & A

Q&A for the Soo Y Dolphins

1. How much does the coaching staff get paid?

All of our coaches are volunteers. They are paid no money but the club will pay to get them registered and qualified to coach.

2. What does the swimmer fee pay for?

The fees go to the club and the YMCA. Club expenses are the life guards, insurance, equipment, qualification for coaches for the season.

3. How many meets do I have to go to?

The club leaves which meets to attend to the swimmer; the meets are meant to aid the swimmer to meet their personal goals. Meets are spread out throughout the season, mainly between November and March.

4. How competitive is this club?

The Dolphin is a club for everyone. This club's focus is on helping the individual swimmer to meet their needs. The level depends upon the swimmer. Each swimmer has the opportunity to qualify to their highest potential. Examples are the State Final, Junior Olympics to the National.

5. Why do we have to swim at 5:45 am?

Swim times at the YMCA are limited. Programs and classes are how the YMCA pay their bills and they happen from 8am-10pm. Swim times are open at 5:45am. If you are part of a swim team, that's what time they swim at.

6. How many practices do I have to make a week?

You can make as many practices you can. As a swimmer, you are encouraged to make as many as possible so that you can improve. If you don’t go, you can’t improve!

7. How do your fees compare to others?

Our club are all volunteers. We have the lowest fees here in Sault Ste. Marie for competitive swimming. Most of our meets are 1 day and within 3 hours or Sault Ste. Marie.