1. The name of the club shall be the Soo “Y” Dolphins Swim Club, hereinafter referred to as “the Club”, and also to be known by the abbreviation “SYD”.


  1. The purpose of the Club shall be:

  1. To promote, administer and stimulate interest in amateur competitive swimming.

  2. To encourage the development of sportsmanship and community spirit.


  1. Membership:

Membership in the Club shall be limited to persons who agree to comply and abide by the Constitution, Bylaws and Regulations of the Club and are:

  1. Active swimmers in the Club whose Y.M.C.A. and Swim Ontario fees are paid to date.

  2. Parents of these swimmers.

  3. The Club may confer the title of “Honorary Member” upon an individual for outstanding service to the Club.

  4. The membership year shall be from September 1 of one year to August 31 of the following year.

  5. All membership fees shall be paid in advance (either yearly or monthly) according to the Y.M.C.A fee schedule in effect for the current year.

  6. All members falling in arrears of payment of fees shall be reported to the Executive who may revoke the membership in the Club.


  1. Affiliation:

The Club shall be affiliated with MTSL with participation in Swim USA under NOMI swim club.


  1. Election Procedures:

  1. Elections shall take place at the Annual General Meeting to be held in May of each year.  The newly elected Executive shall assume office in July of the year elected.

  2. The Executive shall be elected by a simple majority of the eligible voting delegates attending the Annual General Meeting.

  3. A vacancy on the Executive may be filled by an appointment by the Executive.  However, the Executive may decide to have an election at a special Membership meeting if it deems this to be in the best interest of the Club.

  4. No proxy votes shall be permitted.

  5. All paid up members, 18 years of age or over, shall have voting rights at Membership Meetings.


  1. Meetings:

Executive Meetings:

  1. A simple majority of Executive members shall constitute a quorum at an Executive meeting.

  2. The Executive Committee shall convene as necessary during the “swimming year” with a minimum of three prior to the General Membership Meeting.

General Membership Meetings:

  1. The “members” attending a General Meeting shall constitute a quorum.

  2. Membership Meetings shall be held at least three times during the year and as required – generally at the beginning of the season, mid season and at the end of the season.

  3. Notice of Meetings:  Members shall be notified a minimum of one week prior to such meetings.  A proposed agenda may accompany a notice of meeting.  Notices of meetings may be posted on the Message Board at the Y.M.C.A. or in the SYD Newsletter.

  4. Notices of Motion shall be received by the President not later than forty eight hours prior to the meeting.


  1. The Executive shall consist of:

  1. President

  2. Vice President

  3. Secretary

  4. Treasurer

  5. Head Coach

  6. And such Committee Chairpersons and Representatives as deemed necessary.

Duties of the Executive Committee:

  1. President

  1. Shall preside at all Executive and General Meetings.

  2. Shall supervise and co-ordinate all affairs and operations of the Club on a monthly basis.

  3. Shall plan and call Executive and General Meetings.

  4. Shall be a liaison with the Y.M.C.A. etc. regarding pool facilities.

  5. Shall be a liaison with other organizations or personnel as required.

  6. Shall ensure that the Club has financial resources to carry current policies into the new year.

  7. Represent the Club at the Swim Ontario Annual General Meeting.


  1. Vice President

  1. Shall exercise the President’s duties when the President is unable to perform them.

  2. Shall assume such other duties as assigned by the President.


  1. Secretary

  1. Shall be responsible to the President for the completion of all correspondence relating to the Club.

  2. Shall keep accurate records of all meetings and provide sufficient copies of the minutes to Executive Members as required.

  3. If unable to attend a meeting, shall turn the records over to the President for the meeting.

  4. Shall post a copy of the agenda of the Executive Meeting on the Message Board following the meeting.

  5. Shall keep a set of minutes available for the perusal of all Club members throughout the year.

  6. Shall maintain an up to date card file record and listing of all current members, swimmers, regional and section contact persons.

  7. Notify all members of General Meetings and post a proposed agenda.


  1. Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer is responsible for the control of the Club financial records.

  2. Shall maintain financial records of all income and expenditures concerning the Club.

  3. Shall constitute the signing authority.

  4. Shall make a report on the financial status of the Club at each meeting.  Collect entry and transportation fees from the swimmers for meets and events entered.

  5. Shall notify the Executive of any members who is in arrears in fees.


  1. Meet Management Committee

  1. Shall in conjunction with coaches, schedule meets that benefit the swimmers.

  2. Shall in conjunction with coaches, ensure that the Club members are entered in their events.

  3. Shall manage the swim meets hosted by the Club.

  4. Shall keep a copy of meet results in a file.

  5. Shall keep an updated record of each swimmer’s “best times”.

  6. Shall forward meet results to Regional to Regional Officials representative for all meets held out of the Region and non-Regional meets.

  7. Have authority to submit completed packages including signing liability waivers.

  8. Shall notify the Transportation and Accommodation Committee of the numbers of swimmers to be transported with sufficient time to arrange transportation.


  1. Social and Fund Raising Committee

  1. Shall be responsible for all social functions and Raising money activities.


  1. Officials Committee

  1. Shall provide officials for all Club hosted meets and Provincial Team Championships.

  2. Shall keep an up-to-date list of the qualifications of all individuals associated with the Club.

  3. Shall be a liaison with the Regional Officials Representatives and promote training programs for Officials within the Club.

  4. Arrange for training, evaluation and promotion of Officials.

  5. Report to Region as to who has worked what meets, had training, etc.  Keep people up to date on rule changes.


  1. Transportation Committee

  1. Shall be responsible for ensuring that each and every competition from the Club has suitable transportation to and from every out-of-town meet.

  2. Shall at the direction of the Executive, arrange for Transportation of the Club members.

  3. Shall arrange for chaperones to accompany swimmers.

  4. Arrange for “bag” person.

  5. Ensure that each swimmer has phone number to reach coach or Club Executive in case of emergency.

  6. Shall arrange for accommodation for swimmers at out-of-town meets.


  1. Coach

  1. Shall plan, supervise and implement the training program for the swimmers

  2. Determine what swimmers will enter which events and at what meets.


  1. Publicity

  1. Arrange for publicity of the Club, swimming, swimmers and results of the meets.


  1. Swimathon Committee

  1. Shall organize and coordinate the Club’s swimathon project.


  1. Club Representatives

  1. A minimum of two representatives and two alternates shall be appointed by the Executive to represent the Club at Regional General Meetings.

  2. The Club President and a minimum of one representative and two alternates shall be appointed by the Executive to represent the Club at the Annual General Meeting of Swim Ontario.


  1. Constitutional Amendments

No amendment or alteration to any part of this Constitution shall be made except at the Annual Meeting and only by a simple majority vote of eligible members present.


Notice of Proposed Changes

A notice of motion must be filed in writing with the President of the Club at least forty eight hours in advance of the Annual Meeting.  The Executive may, at any Executive meeting, pass bylaws for the betterment of the Club during the current swim season.  These bylaws shall remain in force only until the next Annual Meeting at which time they shall be ratified or rejected by the membership.


  1. Revocation of Membership

Any membership may be cancelled because of actions detrimental to the best interest of the Club.  This can be done only after a majority decision of the Executive Committee.


  1. Adoption

This Constitution was adopted at a General Meeting.


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