How to Enter a Swim Meet


How to Enter a Swim Meet

1. Speak with your coach about the meet you will enter. Make sure it is a meet that the team is attending and that you are entering the events that your coach wants you to enter. Possible events can be discussed, but it is ultimately the coach’s decision as to what events the swimmer should be focusing on.


2. Go to to enter the meet. You will have the options to Sign In, Enter Now, or Signup Now. Click Signup Now, it’s free and entering meet in the future will be much easier if you have an account. Plus the system will track all of your swimmer’s results.



3. Create a User Name and Password. In the field labeled “Show Meets For” put Pacific Swimming. We suggest saying Yes to meet notifications. This will tell you as soon as a new meet is open, and will not send you junk emails.


4. Open link in Email. The system will send you an email once you hit Save. This email will have a link to confirm your account. When you click the link it will take you back to your account page.


5. Add you Swimmer(s). Click the tab near the top that says My Swimmers, and then hit the button that says Add Swimmer. The Swimming Association is Pacific Swimming.


6. Registration Number. Your swimmer’s registration number will consist of the following information: the swimmer’s 6 digit date of birth, first 3 letters of First name, Middle Initial, and the first 4 letters of Last name. If the swimmer does not have a middle name or if his/her last name is less than 4 letters long the * will be used to fill in the extra spaces.

Ex. William Le, November 6, 1992 = 110692WILL*LE**

Samantha Emily Watson, June 22, 2005 = 062205SAMEWATS

Your swimmers name should come up and you will be able to check the box on the left next to his/her name.

If after you enter the swimmer’s Registration Number it says “No swimmer found” then select “Enter all info manually.” It just means that your swimmer’s registration has not been processed by Pacific Swimming yet.


7. Enter Meet. Now you can select the first tab on the left that says Enter Meets. It will list all of the meet available in Pacific Swimming. Please be sure that the meet you select is on the correct Date, with the correct Title and Location. There are usually several meets on the same date and some have very similar titles. Click on the meet you want to enter, and an Orange button will pop up that says Online Meet Entry. Your swimmer(s) will be listed with an “Enter” button to the right of his/her name.


8. Select Events. Once you hit enter, a list of event that your swimmer is eligible to enter will come up. Since your swimmer has never been to a meet, put “NT” (No Time) into the Entry Time boxes next to the events you want to enter. In the future you can hit the button that say Get Best Times and it will input the swimmer’s times for you. Scroll down to the bottom and hit Save when you have selected all of the events.

NOTE: Some swim meets will not allow a NT or No Time entry. For these meets you’ll have to make up a time. If you need help with that just email your coach for some entry times.


9. Pay for Entries. This is the most important step! After you hit Save, press the button that say Go to Payment Page. Input your payment information and be sure to complete the transaction. If it is done correctly you will get an email confirmation with a receipt and a list of the events you entered. If that does not happen contact Swim Connection right away. If the payment is not completed your swimmer will not be entered in the meet. It is a good idea to print out the event summary so that you have your conformation at the meet, you can use it to know your event numbers, and also write down the swimmers times after they swim.