Move Up Policy & Criteria


Move up Criteria



Along with performance output comes the opportunity for advancement into another group that will
open a new set of challenges to the athlete. The opportunity for advancement can be realized and
should be seen as a great success. Every swimmer wants something a little different out of their
career. We have found that the opportunity for success and rewards through the varying group
levels stokes the athlete’s desire to strive for even more.

How does this work? At Paseo Aquatics we employ a concept of three Pyramids: White, Black and
Gold. These Pyramids represent the Architecture and the Foundation of Paseo Aquatics swim
groups. The White Pyramid represents our entry point for swimmers. Coaches primarily focus on
breaking barriers, building confidence, and developing skills. Minimum expectations of participation
is required in this pyramid. When reaching times that will qualify a White swimmer for the Black
Pyramid, the swimmer will first be asked to challenge themselves by meeting the training and practice
habits for the Black Pyramid. When the swimmer can show that they can handle the requirements
for the MOVE UP they will be invited to train with the new appropriate group in the Black
Pyramid. The same progression would hold true for an athlete in the Black Pyramid, who shows
signs of moving into the Gold Pyramid.

White Pyramid swimmers should have mastered all four strokes, have a solid understanding of practice
behaviors such-as pace clock knowledge, should attend 4 practices a week and will be encouraged
to compete once a month. The Black Pyramid must understand the principles of training and
attend 4-5 practices a week, while attending all meets assigned to this group. By the time the swimmer
reaches the Gold Pyramid it is essential to have the highest level of practice knowledge, a clear
understanding the purpose of training, demonstrate leadership skills and attend 90% of practices
scheduled by the coaching staff. The Gold Pyramid is expected to attend all the competitions
selected for this group.

At any point, after a MOVE UP a swimmer is not displaying what it requires to maintain at that level
he or she will be warned of this and may be placed back to the originating group. This is the Head Age Group coaches call.