Volunteering for Hosted Meets

Hello Families,

Below is a list of volunteer positions with brief descriptons of the expectations. There is no job that is hard. It takes an army to support our kids in youth sports. Thank you so much for reading this and we hope you can step forward and support the organization that supports your kids. Together, we make childhood memories.

Head Timer

This position is required by USA swimming and is a back up position to the lane timers. The Head Timer typically will start and stop 1 or 2 stop watches at the beginning of every race. These watches are a back up to a lane timer just in case they have a stop watch malfunction.

Time Card Runner

This position is associated with the lane timers. The Card runner will pick up all the timing slips from each lane during the meet and submit them to the meet Admin.

Heat Sheet / Result Runner

This position works with the Meet Admin. This person is responsible for running the Heat sheets to the Poster board for athletes to see their Heat and lane assignment. After the event has completed the Meet Admin prints up a Result Sheet and this position will run this over to the poster board and post the results.

Deck Marshall

The deck Marshal position is a roaming position where the individual typically walks around the deck to help answer any questions. Sometimes a Deck Marshall also monitors the athlete zones. Athlete zones are typically off limits to parents. They are just meant for teams and coaches.


This position sits and works with the Officials of the meet. They keep the meet moving forward and announce any notifications that need to go out to athletes or parents.

Check In

This position happens before each session of a meet. The Individual will typically be at a table and the athletes will come to them and check in for the meet. The individual will have a list of athletes in front of them and will highlight or check them off as being “checked into to the meet.”

Snack Bar Attendants

This is a vital position to the club as it is revenue generating and helps to cover the costs of Officials at the meet. The individual typically will just help sell concession items to families and athletes.

Meet set Up and Tear Down

This is a core group if individuals that help set the meet up. From Canopy set up, to PA system set up to snack bar set up. This typically happens the night before the meet. The morning of the meet and at the end of the meet. The process is pretty quick.