Financial Info

Starting up as a New Paseo Aquatics Athlete:
1. USA Swimming Registration fee
2. Tuitions
3. Family Commitment Fee (FCF)

1. USA Swimming Registration:
There will be a one (1) time annual Registration Fee of $86.00 dollars. This will go to cover the
athlete’s mandatory USA swimming membership/insurance. Included in this fee is one latex Paseo
Aquatics cap. Please see USA swimming outreach program below. Some families may be able to receive financial assistance from USA Swimming

2. Tuitions:
Your athlete will be assigned to a group and your corresponding Tuition structure will become your
monthly Tuition Rate. Multiple swimmer discounts start on the third swimmer. The third swimmer
will recieve a $20.00 discount on their monthly Tuition. The fourth swimmer in any immediate family
(siblings) is free of tuition. The fourth swimmer will be classified as the lowest level swimmer in that
family. A College Grad does not constitute as a fourth member.

Tuition by Group-

Swim Group Days Monthly Tuition
Juniors M - Th $132
Advanced M - F $167
Bronze M - F, (S) $179
Silver M - F, (S) $209
Senior I M - F (S) $218
Senior II M - F (S) $275


3. Family Commitment Fee (FCF)
The FCF is a fee that can be incorporated alongside of the monthly Tuition fee or it can be
paid in full upfront at a discounted rate. This fee is to help cover travel expenses for coaches, cost for
coaches at meets, credentials for coaches, purchasing equipment needed for training at all levels,
further education for coaches and to support smaller Paseo Aquatics happenings. The FCF is non
refundable and is a commitment fee that stands intact for the season. If the swimmer leaves the program
the balance of the FCF must be paid in full.

The FCF reads as follows:

355.00 for the full year one time payment, two partial payments of 190.00 in September and 165.00 in October. OR 40.00/month for ten (10) months for the 2017 season only.


Note: All swimmers from the same family account must be siblings to be eligible for any discounts.  Elite Collegiate/Post Grad swimmers are not included in determination of any applicable multi-swimmer discount.

Discounts are not retroactive.  

Any family choosing to pay all their upcoming monthly dues for the year up front will receive an additional 10% discount.


For swimmers joining Paseo Aquatics after the first week has passed, the monthly dues will be prorated for that first month.


If your swimmer is promoted in the middle of a month, you will not have to pay an adjusted fee. Your new fee schedule will begin with the next invoice.

Payment Options

All payments must be made electronically (via credit card or debit card).We do not take AMEX.  You can update your payment information in your private and secure account with the Paseo Aquatics.  On the 1st of each month you will be billed for your monthly dues, family commitment and any meet fees you have incurred (see below).  The related invoice will be available for review in your account. Paseo Aquatics will not accept payment by check (some exceptions may apply).    

Payment Security

Please note your payments are 100% secure.  To learn more about TeamUnify and their security measures, click here.


Meet Entry Fees

Swimmers will be entered in swim meets by their coaches. Payment for the meet fees will be made on a per meet basis and billed immediatel.

For some meets our coaching staff will let you choose your events, for others the coaching staff will determine what to swim.  You can work with the coaching staff on any changes. The fees for the meet will be added to your monthly invoice and will transact with your monthly dues on the 1st of next month.  If you do not let our coaching staff know that you are unable to swim in a particular meet you will be charged for the meet entry and no refund can be issued.  It is the responsibility of the parents and swimmers to check all meet entries and times.

This Coordinated Meet Entry is mandatory for all Paseo Aquatics Swim Team members.  We do not allow swimmers to send in their own entries without prior permission from our coaching staff.  Swimmers will not be entered in any meets if their account falls into arrears.


Outreach Program, USA Swimming and Paseo Aquatics

If a family member is enrolled in the Federal School Lunch Program, then your family is eligible for USA Swimming Outreach Membership, which brings the cost of annual registration with USA Swimming down to $7.00. All that is needed is a copy of a letter from your child school with the schools letterhead on it stating that your child is enrolled in the program. That copy would be mailed along with the registration and a $7.00 check to USA Swimming.

Financial Assistance is available for families that qualify, please contact Coach Chris for further details.


If you choose to leave Paseo Aquatics, please notify our admin staff in writing and schedule an exit interview with you coach and Head Coach.  They will deactivate your swimmer and insure that no further payments will process.  Termination without a medical note will be effective the next month.  If you fail to notify us that you are no longer attached, you will continue to be charged until we are able to determine that you are no longer associated with Paseo Aquatics.

If your swim team membership is terminated for disciplinary reasons, you will not receive a refund for the portion of the month missed.