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8 & Under


The 8 & Under program is designed to develop the skills needed to be a competent competitive swimmer. Racing starts, turns and IM transitions are introduced in this group. The four competitive strokes will continue to be refined. In addition to acquiring and refining skills, the swimmers in this group will also receive level-appropriate endurance and sprint training throughout the course of each season.


The focus on developing the competitive strokes, additional physical skills and strength needed to excel and grow in the sport will prepare these young swimmers for competitive Age Group swimming. The swimmers in this group will have the opportunity to compete in local and statewide competitions.

Swimmers who have successfully mastered the skill sets required in the 8 & Under Program will progress to the Junior or Junior Developmental Age Group program.

The 8 & Under program is offered five (3) days a week and practices for one hour. The swimmers in this group will have the opportunity to compete in local and statewide swim meets.

  • T/Th/F 4:00-5:00pm

COSTS & COMMITMENTS: This program costs $85.00 a month. A once yearly $66.00 USA Swimming registration fee is also required. There are no additional fees or family volunteer requirements to participate.

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8 & Under Group Criteria

Swimmers must be able to complete the following:

  • Swim 25 yards of freestyle
  • Swim 25 yards of backstroke
  • Able to jump into water.

There is no attendance requirement for this group, but athletes will improve more quickly, and make more friends (which will make them want to come more!), the more often they attend practice. It is recommended to come to at least two for regular improvement. Practice duration is one hour.


Goals of the 8 & Under Group:

  • Swim a 100 IM legally (regardless of time) 
  • Do a flip turn
  • Kick 4x25 @ :45
  • Push off and streamline to flags with dolphin kick
  • Acquire basic understanding of the pace clock
  • Swim a 200 freestyle with flip turns (regardless of time)