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Junior Intermediate


The Junior Intermediate program is reserved for swimmers 12 & under seeking to progress to the Junior Advanced group and compete at the Red/Blue level. Athletes are selected for this training group by the Jr Int Coach and will have every opportunity for success. Participation in the program means the athlete and their family are fully committed to their performance goals. The environment is supportive and we strive to ensure that every athlete gets the personalized attention they need to meet or exceed their swimming goals.

The Junior Intermediate program practices five days per week for 1.5 hr The swimmers in this group will have the opportunity to compete in local and statewide swim meets.

  • M-F 5:00-6:30pm

COSTS & COMMITMENTS: This program costs $110.00 a month. A once yearly $66.00 USA Swimming registration fee is also required. There are no additional fees or family volunteer requirements to participate.

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Junior Intermediate Group Criteria

The Jr Intermediate Group practice is offered five times per week. The Jr Intermediate group is the first competitive group for ages 11/12 within the PDSC program. This is the introductory group to higher level competitive swimming. Striving to achieve the goals of the Jr Intermediate group will prepare swimmers for Senior swimming.

This program is intended for the age group swimmers that have goals of pursuing their swimming career as far as possible. We are looking for swimmers that have lofty goals. The practice direction, structure and difficulty will be designed to meet that end years down the road.

Jr Intermediate swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 75% attendance to remain in the group. Special exceptions may be cleared with the group coach on an absence by absence basis.  

Swimmers entering the Junior Intermediate Group must be at least 9 years old and complete the following:

  • 10x100@ 1:40
  • 8x50@ 1:10 Kick
  • Swim under 1:20 in 100yd freestyle
  • Swim Red qualifying times in main events (2)  


Expectations of the Junior Intermediate Group:

  • Achieve SCS Red time standards 
  • Continue to develop goal setting skills
  • Improve proficiency in turns
  • Show and demonstrate an above average proficiency in all strokes
  • Use underwater fly kicking as a tool in racing
  • Continue becoming more fluid in swimming (no splashing)
  • Begin to actively improve distance per stroke
  • Actively demonstrate the basics
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Display the ability to stay on top of school work and achieve attendance requirements
  • Active in club fundraising
  • Competition at swim meets is expected in this group.


 Goals and Other areas of Swimmer Accountability for the Junior Intermediate Group:

  • Continue becoming more fluid in swimming (no splashing)
  • Actively improve technique
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Attendance should improve, not decline as the athlete matures
  • Training attitudes should be more productive and supportive as the athlete gets older
  • Athletes must conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to actions needed to promote and support the goals of the team
  • Attend 2-3 meets per season prescribed by coaching staff.
  • Active in club fundraising
  • Display ability to train appropriately for the athlete’s experience and stated goals