Code of Conduct


 For Our Athletes:

As representatives of our organization, divers shall conduct themselves with the highest self control. While conducting any diving activities, our athletes pledge to respect coaches, spectators and themselves by refusing to participate in bullying, ridiculing or other abusive behavior; using profanity or obscene gestures; abusing drugs, alcohol or medications; or criticizing opposing divers, coaches or officials. Divers are expected to be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity, support one another in their endeavors, respect each other’s differences and encourage others to do the same.

 For Our Coaches:

As role models for all divers, the conduct of our coaches it critical to maintaining the image of our organization. All coaches pledge to conduct themselves in the same manner as outlined for our athletes. In addition, coaches pledge to encourage healthy competition, develop a disciplined, fun and positive atmosphere in all diving activities and provide feedback in constructive rather than destructive ways, which helps divers learn to lead themselves.

 For Our Family Members and Spectators:

The conduct of our families and spectators is the ultimate test of the values of our organization. It is expected that those connected with our coaches and divers will conduct themselves in the same manner as outlined for our athletes. In addition, family members and spectators pledge to reinforce the concept that in competitive situations, giving one’s best effort is more important than winning. Families and spectators will also strive to remember that the sport belongs to the athlete and their coaches, and will therefore refrain from coaching their child or any other child.