Timing Policy

TIMING POLICY (updated May 2016)

Timing is required by Southern California Swimming, and is assigned to teams based on the number of swimmers participating at any particular meet.  Athletes are required to provide timers at meets at which they participate.  Timing assignments are usually one hour shifts, but may be adjusted based on timing needs.  In lieu of timing, parents may be assigned a shift as a Lead Timer or be asked to transport team tarps to/from the meet.  Prior to the meet, an email will normally be sent out containing the timing assignments.  The information will also be posted on the RST website under that specific meet heading whenever possible.  If any last minute circumstance arises prior to arrival at the meet, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact their swimmer’s coach, who will then notify the Lead Timer of the affected shift, in order for them to make the necessary arrangements.  Members should contact the RST Lead Timer upon arrival at the meet in order to check in or clarify timing responsibilities.

Whenever possible, a Lead Timer will be assigned.  Timing leads are responsible for troubleshooting all issues that arise during their shift at a meet.  This may include, but is not limited to, notifying alternate timers of needed shifts, adjusting the timeframes due to meet delay/earlier start, and notifying the Volunteer Chair of a member’s failure to fulfill timing requirement.

Timers are responsible for checking in with the Lead Timer upon arrival at a meet to ensure they are aware of their assigned shift or any changes as a result of schedule changes.  Scheduled members (not the Lead Timer) are responsible for finding replacements for member’s failure to fulfill their assigned timing shift.  If your timing obligation is not fulfilled, the member is ultimately responsible and may be assessed a fine.  Swimmers in the long distance events (400 IM, 400/500 free, 800/1000 free, and 1500/1650 free) are responsible for timing and lap counting those events and must provide participants to do so, in addition to their normal assigned timing shift.   For meets that have “Finals” sessions, where the number of timing chairs is not pre-determined, families are responsible for signing up for timing shifts if their swimmer qualifies for a finals event.  Volunteer coordinators will attempt to optimize the swimmer’s schedule with timing assignments; however, the member may still have timing requirements AFTER their swimmer has completed their events.

All swimmers attending a meet will have timing responsibilities, even if the swimmer is attending without any family or friend support.  A member must notify the Volunteer Chairman via email ( at least 48 hours prior to a meet if they are unable to fulfill ANY timing requirement at a specific meet.  The member will be assessed a $20 fee and will remain in good standing.

The penalties for failing to meet timing requirements are as follow:

  • 1st offense: Written notification
  • Subsequent offenses: $25 fine each offense