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Summer Swim

Summer Season swimming is for those who want to swim only during the summer months, all ages included. Current swimmers who are year-round or billed monthly do not need to sign up for summer swimming. For more details, see our main registration page here.

And, be sure to check out our epic B.A.L.F. Junior Waterman Summer Beach Camps here.


Rocket Fish Summer Swim 

(M-T-W-Th Mornings)


Dates 2018:     June 18 – August 9, 8 weeks total

Location:         Belmont Plaza Outdoor Pool

Ages:              5 + 

Days:              Mon-Thurs mornings

Activities:  Character development, swim stroke development, endurance, speed, swim meets, special family events and lots of team spirit! 

  • A Group (advanced)        7:00 – 8:20 stretch & swim    
  • B Group (intermediate)  8:00 – 9:20 stretch, stroke modeling & swim    
  • C Group (beginners)       8:50 – 10:00 stretch, stroke modeling & swim



Summer Swim Pricing Structure

Summer Season Flat Rate (All groups--seasonal swimmers only) 8 weeks, 4 practices/week unlimited, weekly competitions, ocean experience, special events.


Sibling discounts applied at check-out during online registration. Be sure to register all kiddos in same registration session to receive discount. 


Additional Fees:

USA Swimming Summer Membership-Mandatory (Summer Season swimmers only): $40.00 valid through 8/31/18.**

2018 Seasonal Registration Fee per family: $50/summer season only.


**If swimmer decides to continue swimming into fall, they will have to re-register with USA swimming for $67.00 valid from 9/1/18 through 12/31/19.


To swim with Rocket Fish, it is mandatory to have a current USA Swimming membership--you can sign up at the pool on your first day and will need to pay the $40 fee for a seasonal membership. If you are not sure if your membership is current, you can sign in to the USA Swimming website, or sign up for a web account, and click under "My Deck Pass" to view your membership status.


OCSC Swim Meets

Optional--Swim Meet 2018 fees: $20.00/meet

Swim meets take planning, coordination, coaches, supplies and parent volunteerism. Fees will be billed to your account upon participation. 

Scheduled swim meet dates are as follows:


(Swim meet schedule TBD)

Ready to register? Register here for Summer Swim.

Please contact us here if you are interested in Summer Swim and would like more information. Or, read on to find out more details:


Summer Swim Details


Our Summer Program is extra special. Practices happen in the morning during the coolest part of the day, kids, staff and parents have fresh energy and we see exponential improvements in their swimming. In addition to our seasoned head coaches, we bring in our talented summer staff comprised of returning collegiates, high-schoolers and twenty-somethings that have previously been in our program for multiple years and have strong aquatic backgrounds in swimming, water polo and/or life-guarding.


During this summer there are 32 practices available. Swimming a minimum of 3x/week for more advanced swimmers and minimum of 2x/week for novice swimmers provides the optimum swim-improvement and character-development experience. Practice-by-practice, week-by-week, our spirited and purposeful practice format becomes familiar. This feeling of familiarity leads to increased confidence in the water and establishes good swimming habits. This is when learning really accelerates and flows.  


Often our swim practices are just the first part of an active summer day for our swimmers. Since we finish rather early each day, families can treat the swim practice as “just the way we start our day” and then go on to the next fun summer activity. Swimmers who attend almost all practices will improve the most. They will know the aspects of being of a Rocket Fish, connect with the staff, establish a flow with their swimming, and be the most “in-tune,” competent and confident they can be in the water and on land.




Swim Meets:

Rocket Fish is an active member of the Orange County Swim Conference (OCSC). In Summer 2017, we will participate in three dual meets and one division championship. We will have four meets available for every Rocket Fish swimmer who signs up for the swim meets.  


If you sign up for swim meets and pay your meet fee, we require your commitment to attend, be punctual and come with a cheerful parent/relative ready to volunteer in some capacity. Meet uniform is team suit and team cap available on our website or through CAS. The meets are really a lot of fun and swimmers of all levels of experience enjoy the challenge and team spirit. Although these meets are pretty low-key events, they are refereed, times are recorded and considered as “official times” and disqualifications happen. We like to use the meets as a learning experience that helps us to focus on areas for improvement.


Our three dual meets will be announced at the beginning of the season.  


In addition to the four meets that are available to every Rocket Fish swimmer, there is also a conference championship that we call the “all-star meet.” This is where the ten fastest swimmers in the whole conference will attend. The swimmer qualifies for the all-star meet by racing at the division finals and when all the division finals times are compared, the swimmer ranks in the top 10 times in the whole OCSC Conference. This year our team will swim division finals on August 5th and 6th and the division finals will be held on Tuesday, August 8th. We usually qualify about 20-30 swimmers to the OCSC Conference Championships.


Is my swimmer ready for swim meets?

If your swimmer is a novice, who is still learning strokes, we recommend waiting one more season and skipping OCSC this year. If your swimmer is a returning Rocket Fish that has swum one year with us, then your swimmer is probably ready for the meets. If your swimmer is age 7-8 or above and likes to compete in sports in general and likes to “go for it” in other sports, and can swim 25-50 yards, then they are probably ready for the swim meets. The meets are fun, gives the swimmer something to challenge themselves and are team events with lots of team spirit and good times.


Check out our Fun Summer Special Events Included in our Rocket Fish Summer Program (to be updated in May 2018):

  1. Kick-Off Party – June 19th – 5:30 pm - On the first day of Summer, we have a “Summer’s Here- Let’s Cheer!” Kick-Off Party. Meet the coaching staff and hear about our EPIC Summer Schedule. Monday, June 19th, Mother’s Beach grassy lawn by Mother’s Café (near Lifeguard Headquarters and the playground)  5:30 to 7:00 pm – BYO Picnic Dinner or just come for the event – its all good…Summer – how sweet it is!
  2. Swim Meets – see above
  3. Ocean / Bay Workout – 1 or 2 per season –It’s a chance for the kids to get a feeling for swimming, paddling, training, racing and playing on the the beach and in the bay. When living in this area, salt water, cooler temps, and paddling are all things we must learn! We keep all activities safe-fun, positive and at the level of the kids. It’s all a part of learning to live the aquatic lifestyle!  Exact Date(s):  TBA 
  4. Swim-A-Thon / Team Photo -  (Postponed to fall season due to pool logistics)
  5. Summer Luau / Banquet and Talent Show – Friday, July 28st  5:30 PM Kayak Café, at Bayshore and Ocean, near the handball courts. Tasty Hawaiian plate dinner served by Alfredo and staff. After dinner we do participation awards for all our swimmers!  Then it's skit / talent time! Plan your talent act or skit now…it's sooo much fun! Dance party at the end of the talent show. Each swimmer will receive a team photo and a participation medal for doing their part in EPIC Summer 2017! Put this on the family calendar for sure!
  6. End of Summer Beach Day #1 El Moro Cove, Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna – Wednesday, August 9th -11:00am to 3:00pm – BYO Picnic – Family day at the beach!  It’s just sooooo pretty down there! Enjoy a day of bodysurfing, swimming, hanging with teammates, coaches and friends! As our EPIC summer winds down, we celebrate, swim and play at this beautiful beach with clear water, waves, our friends and families.  
  7. End of Summer Beach Day #2 San Onofre State Beach, San Clemente – Friday, August 10th – Spend all day at the quintessential, California historic and modern day classic beach and longboard surf mecca. Come early-ish for best parking and less waiting in line. For some of our families this is their first introduction to San Onofre…For others this is a yearly sojourn that they cherish as a family and are passing the love of San Onofre onto their children. In either case, it’s the last day of our EPIC Summer Program and it’s a great way to say ALOHA!



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