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SWIM Long Beach Masters


Our mission is to promote personal fitness and happiness through living a healthy, balanced, aquatic lifestyle. Within the context of safety and fun, in a positive and supportive environment, we pursue our mission through our special blend of pool, bay, and ocean swim practices. Our swimmers are all-ages and all levels of experience, ability and speed. 


A few examples of our adult swimmers are:

  • Former high school and collegiate swimmers returning to the sport 
  • Tri-athletes improving their swimming form and speed
  • Firefighters staying in shape for their careers
  • Open-ocean paddlers and surfers cross training & building cardio
  • Career professionals who work in an office, studio, or classroom and need exercise.
  • Grandparents or older folks staying in shape for themselves and family.
  • Adults switching from other sports to swimming as their main form of exercise. 


The lanes are organized from fastest to slowest, and sets and instruction are catered to meet the needs and abilities of each group. The base workout/emphasis/theme for each day is designed to meet the needs of the bulk of the group. We encourage each swimmer to challenge themselves and if need be, adapt or slightly tweak the workout to fit their needs or ability. We call this “The Master’s Option."

We provide pool and open water swimming to all ages and all abilities. Every practice is coached by an experienced and passionate life-long swimmer/coach. Our workouts are geared for competitive pool and open-water swimmers, tri-athletes, and adults seeking general fitness. Our fastest group of swimmers are former collegiate swimmers and All-Americans in their mid- twenties to mid-fifties. 

A select few from this group form the foundation of our coaching staff. Their varied coaching influences, vast swimming experience and concurrent participation in our program make for a dynamic and interesting blend of coaches who teach, motivate, and provide challenging and thoughtful sets in every practice.

We believe every person benefits from time in the water and improving their fitness.  Our program strives to assist in developing each person to become a healthier, happier person in mind, body and spirit through swimming better in a safe-fun, positive, social environment.


Our program prepares athletes for:

  • Pool and open-water competitions
  • Open-water endurance challenges
  • All levels of triathalon competitions


Our practices generally contain these five areas of fitness:

1.    Warming-up:  Getting loosened up and ready to work

2.    Improving stroke technique building a more efficient swim stroke

3.    Working the aerobic system building better cardio-vascular endurance

4.    Working the anaerobic system building power, strength and speed

5.    Loosen Down:  Calming the body into a restive, relaxed state



Open Water Training and Experience

Although we practice mostly in the pool, our distinct specialty is in the open water. In October 2011, our coaches put together the fastest Catalina Channel Swim Relay in the history of the Catalina Channel Swim, crossing the channel in an all-time speed of 6 hours, 53 minutes. In October of 2010, Coach Hank completed a Catalina Channel solo swim with a time of 8 hours 7 minutes ranking him in the top six fastest swimmers to ever cross the channel. Our group has won the team championship at the Huntington Beach Pier Swim over a dozen times. This annual June event is won by having the most top-three finishers in each gender and age group.

Additionally, co-head Coach Matty Mitchell has founded the 20 mile run and 7 mile swim celebrating the aquatic lifestyle of Rich Ghettwood (a.k.a. The Big Richard) – A Run-Swim-Run from the Newport Wedge to the Queen Mary in Long Beach.



Why join SWIM Long Beach?

  • Build fitness in mind, body and spirit
  • Benefit from active, positive, experienced coaches
  • Energize your cardiovascular system, endurance, speed and strength
  • Perfect Cross-Training:  Supplement existing sports with swimming.
  • Improve stroke technique & the fine points (streamlines, turns, breathing)
  • Gain confidence and experience in open water swimming
  • Personalized feedback, motivation and instruction
  • Prepare for competitions, challenges and personal bests
  • Super-fun, athletic-based social outlet


Out of town visitors are welcomed with their first practice being free!  Must be registered with USMS


Join us!  Come swim with our friendly group!  Enjoy your workout, make new friends and swim your best! Click here to register!


                     Masters Pier Swim 2013