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Improve your technique, endurance and speed!


Many tri-athletes say their weakest event is their swim. SWIM Long Beach will not only improve your endurance and speed but will help you to focus on technique to make you a more efficient swimmer. Although we practice mostly in the pool, our distinct specialty is in the open water. In October 2011, our coaches put together the fastest Catalina Channel Swim Relay in the history of the Catalina Channel Swim, crossing the channel in an all-time speed of 6 hours, 53 minutes. In October of 2010, Coach Hank completed a Catalina Channel solo swim with a time of 8 hours 7 minutes ranking him in the top six fastest swimmers to ever cross the channel. Our group has won the team championship at the Huntington Beach Pier Swim over a dozen times. This annual June event is won by having the most top-three finishers in each gender and age group.

Training under experienced coaches that "swim-the-swim" and are active competitors will help you to achieve your triathlon goals.

TRIBE - The Tri Club of Long Beach

SWIM Long Beach has a partnership with TRIBE, the Tri Club of Long Beach.  You can visit their web site at



Open Water Swimming – Mid-May through Mid-October

In addition to our time in the pool, we swim in Alamitos Bay, around Naples Islands (2.75 and 1 mi loops), at the Seal Beach Pier, organized open water swims, run-swim-runs, and open-water swim clinics. 

In summer, our strongest ocean swimmers swim really cool events:

  • 2nd Saturday in June:  Huntington Beach Pier Swim
  • Thursday 5:30 AM, Sea Monkeys:  Seal Beach Pier to the south jetty & back
  • July 4th:  Run-Swim-Run around the whole Naples/Bayshore area
  • Mid-August:  Michelle Daschbaugh Fast Memorial Swim, Sunset to Seal
  • Late August, Beers-N-Piers:  Swim around 4 piers using Big Red Bus
  • 2nd or 3rd Sunday in September:  Laguna Aquathon, 8 mile walk/swim.


Our practices generally contain these five areas of fitness:

  1. Warming-up:  Getting loosened up and ready to work
  2. Improving stroke technique building a more efficient swim stroke
  3. Working the aerobic system building better cardio-vascular endurance
  4. Working the anaerobic system building power, strength and speed
  5. Loosen Down:  Calming the body into a restive, relaxed state


Why join SWIM Long Beach?

  • Build fitness in mind, body and spirit
  • Benefit from active, positive, experienced coaches
  • Energize your cardiovascular system, endurance, speed and strength
  • Improve stroke technique & the fine points (breathing, entries & exits)
  • Gain confidence and experience in open water swimming
  • Personalized feedback, motivation and instruction
  • Prepare for competitions, challenges and personal bests
  • Super-fun, athletic-based social outlet
  • Become a member of USMS and have access to great tri resources


Private stroke coaching:

In addition to group swims, our experienced coaches also provide privates to help you focus on technique, skills, strategy, and training schedules. Please contact us to inquire more!