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Rocket Fish Swim Home: The Belmont Plaza 50m Outdoor Pool

Rocket Fish swims at the Belmont Plaza Outdoor Pool; a brand-new 50 meter x 25 meter pool with a moveable bulkhead. The moveable bulkhead will allow for either 25 yard or 50 meter training. This pool will be at our service a good, long time as the City constructs two additional new 50 meter pools that are scheduled to be built in the footprint of the existing indoor Belmont Plaza pool and park area. 


The Historic Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool

Our primary training grounds has been the historic Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool complex in Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California. The original Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool hosted the 1968 Olympic Trials and countless other age-group, high-school, collegiate, national and international swimming, diving, and water polo championships. Almost all swimmers in the area have competed at Belmont Plaza during their competitive careers.
Unfortunately, in recent years there have been many leaks and major issues with this legendary pool. In early 2013, the pool building was determined to be “structurally unsound” in case of an earthquake and has been condemned to be torn down. Conveniently, the locker rooms, restrooms, and front lobby are able to be used because that part of the building is still considered safe.

The New Belmont Outdoor Pool

The new 50 Meter by 25 meter pool is our current home. Its purpose is to provide immediate water space to swimming, water polo, and recreational level programs. It will have a moveable bulkhead and will be able to be used in many different configurations. 
Both SWIM Long Beach's Masters and Rocket Fish programs will be able to swim the 25 Yard Short Course format and the 50 Meter Long Course format on various days throughout the week.
This above ground pool is part of a master plan by the City of Long Beach to eventually re-design the entire Belmont Plaza complex. The master plan includes two 50 meter pools including a diving platform and tower, new locker rooms, classrooms, storage and offices.

Map to the Belmont Olympic Plaza: