New Swimmer Info

Spare Time Aquatics New Swimmer Info:

Spare Time Aquatics accepts new swimmers year round. If you would like to try out our program please contact one of our coaches listed below with the following information:

  • Swimmers name
  • Swimmers age and birth date
  • Parents name
  • Previous swimming experience (list three best times if possible)
  • Contact phone number

What to wear:

When you come to try out the team, you may watch a practice if you would like or you can get in the pool and swim with us. If you would like to swim you will need the following:

  • Swim suit
  • Goggles
  • Cap if needed
  • Towel

What to expect:

Each practice is run by a certified USA Swimming coach and each practice is a small part of our larger season plan. Please understand that at different times of the year we will be stressing different points within our training cycle. Swimmers who try out our team will be monitored and encouraged to participate at the level that they feel most comfortable.

Spare Time Aquatics Sites:

If you are interested in trying out our team, please contact the following coaches for additional information about their site:


Rio Del Oro Sports Club:

Richard Levin –


Gold River Racquet Club:

Jeff Float -


Broadstone Racquet Club:

Brian Heise -


Diamond Hills Sports Club and Spa:

Aimee Van Dyke -