Spare Time Aquatics (STAS) is a USA Swimming club based out of Spare Time fitness clubs in the Sacramento region. We welcome swimmers who are committed to having fun, learning and swimming fast.
We train for and compete in local, regional, national, and even international swim meets.  But, you do not have to be a superstar swimmer to swim with us.  You just need a desire to improve your swimming.
You provide the effort and we’ll provide the training. Let’s find out just how great a swimmer you can be.

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STAS Swim Team FAQs
What do I need to bring when I try out the team?

  • You will need to bring your child’s bathing suit and towel along with anything else your child might need. (i.e. goggles/swim cap)
What if my child is not ready for the competitive team?

  • There is a place for every child at Spare Time Aquatics. No matter what the age, we will place your child in a group that fits their ability level. If your child is not ready for larger competitive meets we do have smaller meets that we attend. 
What does Spare Time Aquatics program offer?

  • Spare Time Aquatics offers a year-round program for children ages 5 & up as well as for adults. The program is structured by age and ability level that starts with the basics of learning to swim and works towards developing the skills and endurance required in order to advance to the competitive team.
What is the schedule/fee for STAS and how do I sign up?
  • You may sign up for STAS at Rio Del Oro in the main office. Office Hours for registration are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm, and Saturdays & Sundays 8:00am-5:00pm. Please contact Ali Vinyard at Rio Del Oro.
  • Fees for STAS can be found on our registration form.
Does it matter which group I sign up for?

  • Yes. Be sure that you register for the group that is specified for the age of your child. Each group  STAS offers is designed for all ability levels within the age range signed up for. The coaches will evaluate your child the first day and make sure that they are with a coach that best fits their needs and abilities.
 What is the swimmer/coach ratio for STAS?

  • Within each training group we are trying to achieve different objectives. With that in mind we will staff our younger groups with 2-3 coaches and our older groups with 1-2 coaches.
  • Each group will have a main coach who will be assisted by another coach.
What is the transition from Ripples to the STAS swim team?

  • Once a child reaches the appropriate Ripples level they are evaluated by the staff for transition into the STAS competitive program.
What skills/criteria are needed to make the swim team?

  • The skills required at the STAS vary depending on the child’s age.  The basic entry level skills are as follows:
    • 8 & Under -  Swimmers must be able to demonstrate a lap of freestyle with knowledge of  side breathing, a lap of backstroke.
    • 9-10 Years - Swimmers must be able to demonstrate a 200 freestyle with side breathing, a legal backstroke, and a legal breaststroke or butterfly.
    • 11 & Over - Swimmers must be able to demonstrate a 300 freestyle with side breathing, a legal backstroke, and a legal breaststroke or butterfly.
    • High School -  Swimmers must be able to demonstrate a 400 freestyle with side breathing and be legal in backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.
 What is the cost for the team?

  • At STAS the fees vary depending on which group your child is placed in, what time of year they start, and if you have more than one child.
    • You may view the fee structure  in our club
What are the days/times offered for group practices?

  • Practice is offered 6 or more Times/Week. For the STAS practice schedule please go to the Schedule link on our main website main page.
What are the practice attendance requirements?

  • The practice attendance requirements vary between training groups.  At our beginning levels we recommend swimmers make 3 of 5 practices offered each week.  As the swimmer moves into the upper level groups practice requirements are increased.
What type of practice training equipment will we need?

  • Each practice group will require goggles and a TEAM cap (longer hair). Kick boards, fins, paddles, pull buoys and other items are provided by the team. Swimmers should have a mesh bag for their own personal items if they bring them to practice and for use at Clunie Pool in the summer.
  • Your group coach will give you this information during your group meeting held at the beginning of each season.
Where do we get the equipment?

  • Practice equipment is sold at California Swim Shop. STAS swimmers receive a 10% discount on purchases at the Swim Shop.
How many swimmers are in a group?

  • The number of swimmers per group depends on the age and ability level of each group. Our age-group program strives to maintain a 30 to 1 swimmer to coach ratio. Our pre-Sr and Senior programs will have up to 35 to 1 swimmer to coach ratios.
Will my child be grouped with kids their own age?

  • Each training group is arranged by ability level and age. This ensures all swimmers are training at the appropriate level and with others in their age range.
How many swim meets will we attend?

  • Swim meets are offered year-round for all groups.
  • The number of meets a swimmer is expected to swim in depends on which group they are in.
  • Your training group coach will give you this information during your group parent meeting held at the beginning of each season.
  • Swimmers who participate in our fall program are encouraged to swim in 2-3 meets during the fall and winter.
  • Participating in swim meets allows the coaches to observe each swimmers technique and race strategies in a competitive environment. We can then make adjustments to our training plans to better meet the needs of each swimmer.
How does USA Swimming differ from Rec, City League, Summer League, YMCA, or High School Swimming?

  • USA Swimming is just the next level in the evolution of competitive swimming. We are strong supporters of our Spare Time recreation programs as well as our local city, YMCA and high school teams.
  • USA Swimming offers a year round program for those athletes that are either looking for the next level of competition or who are involved in other sports or activities that prohibit them from competing or training in the summer months with their local recreation team.
  • For more information on USA Swimming, please click on WHY USA SWIMMING.


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