Board President Case Spencer

Case Spencer

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Case Spencer has been married to his wife, Alison, for 20 great years.  They have three Surfside swimmers in their home - Casey (16), Summer (15) and Sophie (12).  Swimming is Case's favorite sport to do, watch, and think about.  He grew up in New York state and spent most days in the summers swimming in it's lakes and rivers.  He is probably happiest when he is off swimming in a lake but has to admit that body surfing the waves in California is really fun.
Being part of a swim team has been part of Case's life most years since the third grade.  During High School, Case's Dad retired to Florida where the swimming culture was more competitive.  Workouts intensified to twice a day (before and after school) with extra long workouts on Saturday's.  The YMCA club team he swam for consistently produced swimmers that would go on to win college scholarships.  Some of his friends/teammates attended Olympic trials, and one even became a work record holder.   After college and before marriage, Case participated in Masters Swimming.
One of the best things about swimming for Case has been the platform it's provided for long term friendships.  Swimming together is one things friends can continue to do together for a lifetime.  With less time in his current season of life of work and raising kids, he just swims primarily on Saturdays now, but he always tries to invite along an old friend.
Case hopes to be a "swimmer for life".  He was recently motivated when swimming in the lane next to a lady who told him that she was the National Champion for the 90 and above age group.   She looked far younger than 90 and seemed to have a very happy outlook on life.  She did not stop smiling the entire time they talked. Swimming seemed to work to keep her fit and happy into her 90's.
Case feels Surfside is a good fit for the Spencer family.  Case and Alison appreciate the encouraging Surfside coaches who have invested so much of their time into the lives of the 3 Spencer kids over the last nine years.  Case and Alison also enjoy working alongside other volunteers to help keep the Surfside program running.
During the day, Case works as a Civil Engineer for the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant.  Hyperion protects Santa Monica Bay from the river of sewage generated by the hundred million or so toilet flushes taking place in the Los Angeles area each day.  In his free time, Case likes to swim, go for walks on the beach with his wife and hang out with his kids."