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Kelley Mayeda

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By the time I graduated from High School, I’d had many living addresses because my father was a computer specialist/Systems Analyst before it got popular and his company sent him all over the states.  Bad because we kept moving…..good because I had friends all over the country.  After graduating from CSU, Northridge, the South Bay has been my home.


My wonderful husband, my 2 older sons and I all have BAD left knees.  Between torn ACL’s, arthritis and knee replacements, we’ve kept our orthopedist in business!

So, when it came time for my 3rd and youngest son at age 5 to start participating in a sport in 2005, we chose swimming as the least traumatic to the knees.  And it was a good choice because Lucas, now age 17, still has excellent knees!

We have been thankful that we came across Surfside so many years ago.  Lucas has literally grown up on the team.  The swim coaches have been an important part of his development, physically and emotionally.  And he has made great friends while swimming side by side over the years.  Now Lucas has an excellent job at South Bay Aquatics teaching young ones to love swimming.


I don’t have a background in swimming, but I do love other sports… for the past 16 years and more recently, hot yoga (for those old joints!) and most importantly, my new love….Pickle Ball!!!


About 7 years ago, when a Membership Coordinator position on the Board opened up, I was asked to join…and I have really enjoyed being a liaison between the team and those interested in joining.  Surfside has a good reputation because we have a LONG waitlist for tryouts!


Our team cultivates Head Coach John’s desire that our swimmers will love swimming for life!