C Redondo



Temporary Workout schedule--for summer 2018

Workout Information - Reminder

Wednesday August 1 – Beach Workout 22nd Street Hermosa 6:00 pm

Thursday August 2 – Regular Workout at Redondo

Friday August 3 – Seniors at the beach 6:00 pm A-B-C Pool workout at Begg Pool 5:00 pm

Monday August 6 – Beach workout all groups

Tuesday August 7 Regular workout at Redondo

Wednesday August 8 Beach workout

Thursday August 9 Regular workout at Redondo

Friday August 10 – Beach workout for Seniors 6:00 A-B-C Pool workout at Begg Pool 5:00 – 6:30



C Squad:     Swims any 3 of 5 nights per week 

          Mira Costa High School    M/W  7-8pm  Fri.  6-7pm

          Redondo  High School     T/Th  6-7pm