The single most important requirement for joining The Claremont Club Swim Team is the desire to become part of a wonderful team. With this team membership, there is a commitment of each family to work within the team guidelines, so that each young swimmer is allowed to grow, improve and achieve their goals.

We encourage anyone interested in competitive swimming, regardless of age or ability, to join our team. The only swimming requirement that we make of any individual is that they are capable of swimming a basic freestyle (with side breathing) and backstroke and that they are able to swim the length of the pool. As a policy, all potential members are subject to a proficiency test, with coach approval, before membership is secured.

Membership in The Claremont Club Swim Team requires the following commitments:

  1. Completion of membership registration forms.

  2. Payment of all required fees.

  3. Agreement to the family volunteer commitment.

  4. Registration and payment to USA Swimming

  5. Commitment to adhere to all of TCC team policies.

  6. Fulfill the obligation to time at away meets

  7. Support of the coaching staff and philosophies of the swim team.


USA Swimming Registration is based on the calendar year (January 1 to December 31). This is a mandatory registration required for every competitive swimmer New team members must verify their date of birth (passport or birth certificate) with our staff. All swimmers must re-register annually. Re-registration for continuing swimmers takes place during the month of November. Announcements will be made, to the team, when registration is due. This registration fee is non-refundable.


The TCC annual booster fee will be due at the beginning of each swim season. The TCC swim season runs September 1 through August 31. The annual booster fee will be due every October 1st.  There is no proration and is non-refundable. If payment is not received, your swimmer will be suspended from swim practice until it is paid.


Each swimmer will have a swim escrow account established to pay all swim meet fees. An administrative fee of $75.00 will be charged to each swimmer’s account at the beginning of each swim season. This fee needs to be paid the first week after the swim break. If payment is not received, your swimmer will not be entered in any swim competitions and suspended from swim practice until the fee is paid.

In addition, an escrow beginning balance of $50.00 is required for every swimmer. This account is used to pay meet entry fees. This $50.00 balance is due upon joining the team and must be maintained at all times at $50.00.


Effective May 1, 2016, there will be no waiving of monthly swim team fees due to absence for any reason (vacation, water polo, high school swim, etc...).  If swim membership is canceled and then re-activated, all annual swim team fees (booster, escrow) will be re-assessed.


  1. TCC coaches are responsible for determining the appropriate practice, or training group, for each swimmer. This is based on age, ability level, peer group and level of interest. Coaches will make adjustments, as necessary, for the best interest of each individual swimmer.

  2. The coaches are solely responsible for the content of each practice session and strive to work with each child at their own individual level.

  3. The coaching staff determines the meet schedule for each group of swimmers. Only those meets that are approved by the coaching staff are to be attended by TCC swimmers. Swimmers in each group are expected to attend the meets designated by the coaches.

  4. At meets, the coaching staff will conduct and supervise meet warm-up for the team. Prior to and following each swimmer’s race, the swimmer should speak to the coach in attendance. Parents should refrain from giving specific instruction to swimmers at meets. Many times, parental instruction serves only to confuse the swimmers at race time. Coaches will determine relay members.

  5. TCC coaches will decide on team attire including changes to team suits or caps, and selection of team shirts and sweats. They are responsible for any disciplinary action, if required, resulting from team attire violations. TCC requires that each swimmer purchase a team suit and team cap. All swimmers are required to wear the team cap and team suit to all swim competitions. It is mandatory that all swimmers wear a team suit and team cap when participating on team relays. If a swimmer does not wear the team suit to a competition, he forfeits his eligibility to be part of the relay team.

  6. Coaches are responsible for any disciplinary action relating to workouts, meets, or any additional fitness programs.

  7. TCC coaches will implement any necessary disciplinary action for non-payment of any required fees (including electronic meet entry fees). This may include the suspension of swimmers from swim practices.


The success for both your child and The Claremont Club Swim Team is only possible with the dedicated efforts of all TCC parents. Your child is swimming with one of the most recognized and respected programs for young swimmers in Southern California. Without a doubt, a large part of that success is due to the TCC parent volunteers. Parental support and involvement is considered a vital element to the success of our team. The requirements of all TCC parents include the following:

  1. Families with children on the TCC Swim Team are required to volunteer at least two sessions per meet hosted by the team.

  2. This participation in TCC home meets is required even if your swimmer in not competing in the meet. A volunteer other than the parent (18 or older) may satisfy volunteer obligations, as long as the substitute can competently perform the volunteer task.

  3. TCC families will be subject to a Non-Compliance Fee (NCF) of $100.00 per session if the two-session minimum per meet is not met.

  4. The volunteer meet chairman will make every effort to credit families for their sessions worked, however, it is the responsibility of each family to be sure the correct number of sessions has been recorded. No credits will be given 30 days after meet conclusion.

  5. Billing of NCF hours will occur at the end of each year’s last home meet. Non-payment will result in disciplinary action.

  6. Timing is required each day that your swimmer is at an away meet. It is important that all parents participate and share the responsibility of team timing at away meets. Timing at away meets does not fulfill the home meet voluntary session minimum.

  7. Timing is an obligation of parents at swim meets. If you cannot help time (for whatever reason), you will be asked to sign a form stating that you are unable to assist in the timing obligation. At the following meet, you will be responsible for timing two shifts (please make necessary arrangements). If you do not fulfill that responsibility, your swimmer will not be entered in swim meets until that timing obligation has been met.

  8. Participation in all team fundraisers is MANDATORY. Unpaid fundraising fees will result in suspension from swim practice.

  9. TCC Swim may hold a fundraiser event, whenever it is deemed necessary, to raise money for team responsibilities.

  10. Non-payment of registration fees, booster fees and NCF will result is the swimmer’s inability to continue in the program.


It is important that we all work together to maintain the quality program we have at The Claremont Club. These policies make it so that we all can EVENLY share the volunteer effort required to provide a well-run program for our children. TCC needs parents and volunteers to run successful swim meets. Many of our families volunteer countless hours every month. It is necessary that all families contribute their fair share, at least, during our home meets. It is easy to donate your time and it is important to show our children the value of volunteerism. Please support your swimmer and their swim team!