Swim Meets 101

Swim Meets 101

The Claremont Club Swim Team is a member of Southern California Swimming (SCS).  SCS is divided into 5 committees – Eastern, Coastal, Metro, Orange and Pacific.  The Claremont Club is part of the Eastern Committee.  Each month the Eastern Committee will host meets at the BRW levels of swimming.
Each level is based on a time standard.  Your swimmer’s level (BRW) is based on the time he/she achieves in each swimming event.


Helpful hints for new parents at swim meets

1.       Check with a coach to find out what time to be there for meet warm-up.  Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your swimmer’s warm-up to allow for set up, checking in, etc. . .

2.       When you arrive, look for the TCC team area.  The coaches strongly encourage sitting together as a TEAM.


Don't forget your --


Cash for the snack bar and/or lunch items


3.       Swimmers must check-in for their events PRIOR to warm-up.  THIS MUST BE DONE BY THE SWIMMER, NOT THE PARENT.  **If there is an emergency and you will be arriving late, call a fellow parent to notify the coach.   ALL SWIMMERS MUST CHECK IN BEFORE EACH EVENT CLOSES (USUALLY 30 MIN PRIOR TO RACE TIME).

4.     Meet Program – Meet programs will usually have an estimated time line of when your child will race.  The program will include each event and where your swimmer is seeded in that event.  NOTE: THE SWIM MEET WILL NOT BE DELAYED JUST TO HONOR THE TIME LINE.

5.       Warm-up with your teammates under the supervision of a TCC COACH.

6.       Check the posting board to get your Heat/Lane assignment before each race.

7.       Check in with your coach BEFORE and AFTER each race – this is mandatory for every swimmer (SWIMMERS – NOT PARENTS).

8.       It is the SWIMMER’S responsibility to get themselves to the blocks prior to their race and their heat.  It is a good rule of thumb to listen to the meet announcer who should announce each upcoming race number. PARENTS – The area behind the blocks is for SWIMMERS only.  Once your swimmer has finished their races for the day, and your swimmer is not on any relays (please make sure you check with the coaches) you may leave,

9.       PARENTS:  As is stated, in the parent agreement you signed at the beginning of each swim year, it is a requirement that you help time at away meets.  If you are not able to time, you must sign a timing form stating why you cannot help.  You, then, will be responsible for timing two slots the next day or the next meet.  After two refusals, your child will not be entered in another swim meet until your timing requirement is fulfilled.

10.   NEVER hesitate to ask your fellow TCC parents to help you – if you need help reading heat sheets, timing or just locating the snack bar – just ask.

TCC wants everyone to enjoy their experience at swim meets – following the rules will help make the swim meet experience more fun for both the swimmer and family.