Get Your Team

Get Your Team On Board

Eating healthier and smarter can pay huge dividends for both you and your teammates.  The better you feel, the more inspired and determined you can become, in helping your teammates.  Changing habits can be tough, and when you are trying to help change fellow teammates and friends, it can seem impossible.  Here are a few techniques to promote change in positive ways:

1.  Be the example – If you start eating better, and in turn, performing better, others will start to take notice.  Many are afraid to to be the first one to do something — you be the leader and others will soon follow.

2.  Invite some teammates over for a healthy dinner.  Some people are still in disbelief that delicious food can also be healthy.

3.  Don’t talk negative -  Only talk positively about the difference your diet is making for you.  You want to create a positive environment to help people realize what an impact nutritious foods can be for them.

4.  Pack Food – When you pack food to take to your meets, pack a little extra to share with your  teammates.

5.  Share your knowledge – One of the largest barriers to eating healthy and being healthy is a lack of knowledge.  Most people have no idea what they should be eating.  Your goal is to have your teammates know how to fuel up for their performance.

6.  Be supportive – Give praise to those around you who are making an effort to eat healthier and take control of their diets.  Change can be difficult, and it’s always nice to have others supporting you.  Be kind and generous with your support.

One of things that can make you a better swimmer is by helping others achieve their goals.  We can all be inspirations in our own way.  Challenge yourself to take these simple steps and help your teammates realize the benefits of eating healthy.