COVID Code of Conduct

San Dimas Aquatics primary objective is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for all swimmers while conducting an effective competitive swim program.

These policies are effective as of March 2021 until further notice. San Dimas Aquatics will immediately communicate any modifications of these policies.

Per USA Swimming, athletes should not attend practice under the following conditions: if they do not feel well; if anyone they reside with exhibits any symptoms of the coronavirus; if the swimmer has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus; or if the swimmer is considered a vulnerable individual with underlying health conditions. If a swimmer becomes ill and runs a fever, he/she will be allowed back to practice only after 14 days and with a notice from a doctor stating they are clear of Covid-19. Swimmers will not be penalized for missing practice at any time.

Practice policies:

Swimmers must be attentive and respectful of the SDA coaches and staff. While on the pool deck, swimmers must wear masks and adhere to all CDC and USA Swimming 6 ft. social distancing guidelines as enforced by the SDA coaches.

Swimmers may not arrive more than 15 minutes early for practice. All swimmers must be dropped off in a calm and quick manner at the east gate entrance.

Parents are not allowed on the pool deck at any time. Parents may sit 6 ft apart with masks on in the bleachers to watch practice.

Swimmers must arrive at SDA wearing swimsuits covered by clothing or parka, as there is no changing of any kind before or after practice allowed in the restrooms or locker room. Shoes are also required.

Swimmers must wear face masks at all times while on San Dimas Recreation Center property until ready to enter the water.

Swimmers must bring their own pull buoy, kickboard, towel and water bottle. Swimmers will not have access to water fountains.

Swimmers may not wander the SDRC property or parking lot before or after practice.

Swimmers must use the pool deck restrooms one at a time.

All swim bags must be placed in the area designated by their coach and must ensure their bag is at least 6 ft. apart from any other bags. All clothing, shoes, parkas, towels, and any other personal items must be placed in their swim bag prior to starting practice.

Swimmers may not touch, grab, cough, or spit on any other swimmers in or out of the water.

 After practice, all swimmers MUST put their masks on and quickly exit the pool deck area.

Upon exiting SDRC, swimmers must adhere to all CDC and USA Swimming social distancing guidelines while waiting to be picked up. Swimmers must be picked up within 5 minutes after swim practice.

Swimmers are to behave in an exemplary manner. Behavior that reflects poorly upon the SDA Swim Team will not be tolerated. Violation of any of these policies may result in the swimmer being sent home from practice, possible suspension from practice, or expulsion from the team.

By each swimmer knowing how to properly conduct themselves at SDA, we can continue to hold swim practice and focus on training your child and the team. The SDA staff thanks you in advance for discussing these policies and consequences with your swimmer(s).