Team Equipment



Swim Guy Store:

You can also purchase equipment from this site.  (with the exception of the team Parka) 



Required Equipment:

  • ULTRA team swim cap for meets.
  • Swimsuit
  • Goggles
  • Practice:  Fins/Paddles- older levels add snorkel



Practice Equipment:

  • White and Red Groups - Pull buoy, kick board, fins
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold- Pull buoy, kick board, short fins, snorkel, hand paddles, Drag suit 
  • Mesh equipment bag (to hold practice equipment)
  • Swim backpack / bag (to hold wet clothes, towels, snacks, etc.)
  • Parka (for colder season)
  • Sunscreen (morning practice and meets)
  • Extra swimcaps, suitsuits, goggles
  • Water bottle




* Please check with your coach before making your final purchase.

* Contact Mercy (562-417-6251) for team swim caps and team apparel.




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Pool Location:   Whittier College/Slade Aquatic Center Earlham/Painter