Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

As a team we strive to provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for all participants. This is a family program and all participants and their families should expect to be treated with respect and support.  We are here to provide the best quality coaching and training for all athletes, from the beginner to the Olympian.  The Bakersfield Aquatics Club acts as a non- profit organization in support of Bakersfield College swimming and athletics.


BAC currently offers programs for swimmers of all levels including; year-round swimming, high school preseason and development, as well as a Summer Recreation League.  Click HERE for more information on the programs we offer.

Swim Meets

We currently host approximately two USA Sanctioned swim meets a year, and attend one to two swim meets a month for our year-round club swimmers.  Competition at meets is only required for some groups.  Click HERE to see our current swim meet schedule.

Binding Agreement

With your payment of the swimmer registration fee entitling your child or children to participate in the competitive swim program of the Bakersfield Aquatics Club (BAC), you agree to abide by the regulations and policies of BAC as set forth by the club.  You must read and familiarize yourself with all the rules and regulations of the Parent Handbook, Membership Agreement, and information contained on the club's website.

Monthly Dues (required)

Jr. Orca through Age Group Development - $70

Age Group Performance- $70

Age Group Premier Red and Black - $90

Age Group Elite - $100

High School Development - $90

Senior Elite - $120

Masters - $80

*These dues reflect the total yearly fees to be a member of the team, divided by 12.  The team takes a two-week break in August after the Long Course season.  A refund for this break is already factored into the monthly dues.

USA Swimming Registration (required, annual)

This yearly registration fee due at time of Year-Round Team Registration is $77.00 and is separate from team monthly dues and the team registration fee.  Our governing body, USA Swimming requires that all swimmers practicing with the team must be registered.  If you register before September 1, your registration is good through December 31 of that year.  If you register after September 1, your registration is good until December 31 of the following year.  Member fees for this registration go to USA Swimming and our Local Swim Committee (LSC).  Active member accounts will be charged annually on the September billing cycle.  USA Swimming athlete and coach members enjoy exclusive benefits, including access to the extensive Times Database, tips and training advise, the chance to enter the nation's most prestigious events, and a subscription to the award-winning SPLASH magazine.

Total Cost to Join the Team

  • $77 USA Swimming Registration Fee
  • First Months Dues ($70 -$120 depending on practice group) ​
  • Required Practice Equipment ($32-$85 depending on practice group) Click HERE for equipment ordering instructions

​​New and returning member's first month dues will be prorated based on the registration date.

Multi-Swimmer Discounts

Families that have more than one member with the team will have their dues capped at $220.  For example, if a family has two swimmers who are both members of the Senior Elite Group, dues for the family will not be $240, but instead will be capped at $220.  This does not include the Masters program.  Although parents who participate in the BAC Masters program will be given a discounted rate of $60 per month.


In the event a swimmer(s) from a multiple swimmer family chooses to leave BAC and join another Club within the same LSC then all swimmers from that family must leave the club as well.

Billing and Payments

BAC does not accept checks or cash for registration, meet fees, or monthly dues.  All members must have a credit card or bank account payment method associated with their account.  Upon registration, a secure online account will be created for you.  Once your registration in activated you will be able to log in through our team website with the username and password you created to see your invoices, billing history, and other charges such as meet entries.  Auto billing will take place at 12:01 on the 1st day of each month.  If an outstanding balance is still carried by the start of the next billing cycle the member risks having their swimmer be restricted from practice.

Cancelation of Membership

Notification for membership cancelation must be made in writing via email to  This will be the ONLY way the team will accept notification of a member's desire to suspend or cancel the membership.  The notification for cancelation must be made no later than the 15th of the month to avoid being charged for the following month.  Dues incurred because of failure to notify the team in writing by this method are a valid debt.

Detachment / Swimming Unattached

Swimmers who do not register and remain attached with BAC surrender all privileges that come with BAC membership including the right to attend practice and special events regardless of when they left the club.  Swimmers may only swim unattached during high school swim season, or with approval from the Executive Committee.  Swimming unattached for any other circumstance will result in the termination of membership.  Swimmers who take a break from the club are welcome to return at any time.  If returning after more than a year, a new swim assessment may be required.  Swimmers (and their parents) who leave BAC and join another Central California Swimming swim club must meet with the Executive Committee prior to readmission.


Meet Entries and Fees

Swimmers have the opportunity to swim in USA sanctioned competitions throughout the year.  We are a competitive swim team, attending meets is an important part of what we do. Coaches use swim meets as part of their evaluation of a swimmer’s progress.  For those who have never competed before, we do our best to make It fun.  Most kids find that what at first seems scary, is a lot of fun!  Participation in these meets is required in most of the swim groups.   As a meet approaches an email notification will be sent to you, containing meet information and a link for registration. If you choose to attend please respond before the registration deadline.  The swimmer will then be entered and the meet fees will be charged to your account.  These fees are usually between $20 and $30.  If you have questions about events, please feel free to ask your swimmer’s coach.  BAC only sends coaches to meets on our schedule.  If it is necessary for you to attend a meet on your own, please let us know and we will walk you through the process.  We will also need to contact the host team to arrange swimmer warm-ups with a certified coach.

Meet Timing Policy

BAC is a not-for-profit organization managed and run by parent volunteers.  During swim meets, timing is a collective responsibility of all teams in attendance.  Like BAC, USA swim meets are also run 100% by volunteers.  Timing is a mandatory team obligation when your swimmer(s) is participating at a swim meet.  All families are required to participate as a timer when our club has timing responsibilities. Without timers our swimmers will not compete.  Timing is our parental obligation as part of BAC.  If you need help with siblings during your timing slot, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We are family, ready and willing to help each other.  A sign-up sheet will be circulated the week before each meet during practice.  The time slots will be 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on meet attendance and length. 

Moving Up or Down Groups

Our coaches are constantly evaluating the performance and attendance of their swimmers during practice times.  For the swimmer's needs and for practice structure, it is crucial that they be placed in an appropriate group.  If it becomes apparent that an athlete might need to be advanced to the next level, closer evaluation will be given to assure he/she is physically, and emotionally ready to take on that challenge.  Conversely, if a swimmer is struggling to keep up in the structure of a given group or if poor attendance has made them miss key concepts to improve, evaluations to consider a group move down could be made.

Testing and consideration for advancement into the next group level for a swimmer will only take place at the beginning of each season, unless in special circumstances (TBD by the Coach).    Candidates will be selected by the coaches.  After testing, the coaching staff will utilize the next 2 days to take all factors of the potential move-up into consideration.  These include, but are not limited to: successful completion of the swimming test set, past attendance, age, maturity level, multi-stroke skills, and dedication.  During this time the coaching staff will talk to the parents of the swimmer about new practice demands, new practice times, and new group billing structures associated with the move-up.  If it is deemed that the swimmer is ready for advancement, they will be placed into their new group and the change in billing dues will be reflected in their account invoice on the 1st of the next month.

Other Fees Associated with BAC

BAC takes team and individual pictures yearly.  We also plan team trips and functions to build friendship and athlete bonds.  The cost to members for these will always be kept to the absolute minimum possible.  Bakersfield College also requires parking permits to park in all their lots each semester.  These permits are currently $40 and can be obtained from the Aquatics Director in the pool office. 

Equipment and Team Apparel Orders

All groups have specialized equipment that the swimmer must have.  These items can be ordered elsewhere, but we recommend ordering from Norm Allington at Swim Suits West. To see the equipment needs of each group and Norm's contact info click HERE.  Team swim caps and t-shirts are available for purchase in the Pool Office.  All other team apparel orders will be made twice a year.  You will be notified when an order date is approaching and an order form will be made available on the web site. A free swim cap and t-shirt is given to each returning or new registering member.

Practice Rules for Parents

BAC strongly encourages parents to attend practices.  It is the best way to see what your child is learning and how they are progressing.   We ask that you are good spectators and allow the coaches that time with your child.  They are working to establish a relationship that allows them to help your child reach their full potential as athletes.  Coaches are available 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after if you would like to ask questions or discuss concerns.  You can also reach them via email.  Click HERE to go to the Coaches page where you will find an email tab next to each of their pictures.  Practice is where the magic happens, so we hope that your swimmer will attend as much as possible.  BAC also strives to provide a positive environment for our swimmers to learn and grow.  We ask that any grievances be handled outside of practice time and away from small ears. 

Volunteering and Fundraising

It is our goal not to burden parents with endless request to help the team.  We only ask that each family assist with fundraising events 2-3 times a year and volunteer to participate in 2-3 team activities a year.  These obligations can be satisfied in many ways.  Fundraising and Volunteer opportunities will be announced via email and posted on all social media sites. We are a non-profit organization, and these events are crucial to our operation.

BAC Outreach Scholarship Program

As outlined in our Mission Statement, BAC is committed to provide an opportunity for everyone to join our team regardless of socio-economic position.  It is for this reason that we have created our Outreach Scholarship Program.  Families with children that qualify for federal free or reduced school lunch are eligible to receive 25% off monthly dues for the team.  In addition, USA Swimming registration fees for these children are $10.00.  All other fees associated with the team remain the same.  To qualify, please bring a valid free or reduced lunch letter from the school district for the current school year the day of your swimmer's assessment to receive the discount.  The term for each scholarship is from September 1 to August 31 and must be renewed each year.

Termination of Membership

BAC reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member whose actions are considered detrimental to BAC and its swimmer's welfare.  Terminated members are required to have their account paid in full prior to the swimmer's departure.

Grievance Procedure

A grievance is a circumstance or action that is thought to be unjust and is grounds for complaint. If a member feels they have a grievance please follow the procedure listed below.

Swimmers and parents should be sure to gather all facts.  Please discard any hearsay and stick to the facts as you know them. Direct your concerns verbally to the appropriate person(s). For example: if you have a concern with a coach, please approach that coach with your concerns.  Be sure to do so at the appropriate time (not during training or in the middle of a meet).  If no time avails itself, please make an appointment to meet with the coach or party.

If a grievance remains unresolved, then consider taking the next step.  In most cases that next step would be to talk with the Head Coach.  If your issue is with the Head Coach or a Executive Committee member, you can reach out to a member of the Executive Committee for advice and resolution.  If after meeting with the Head Coach and/or an Executive Committee member you are not satisfied, you may then contact the entire Executive Committee with your grievance and request their intervention and resolution.

You will be instructed to present your grievance in writing to the board.

When putting the issue in writing please give details of the steps you have taken and present the grievance to the President or Vice President (be sure to retain a copy) of the Executive Committee.

The parent(s)/guardian(s) of the swimmer and the swimmer have the right to be present when the grievance is presented to the Executive Committee. When appropriate, the parent(s)/guardian(s) of a swimmer may request to have their grievance heard without the person(s) at which the complaint is directed in the meeting room.

When necessary, the Executive Committee would present this problem to the person(s) at whom the complaint was directed and listen to their statement (excluding the parent(s)/guardian(s), or swimmer if desired).

The Executive Committee would then determine the resolution, and act to resolve the grievance. This plan would be presented in written form.

The decision of the Executive Committee is final.


It is our belief that to run a successful youth sports program, the lines of communication should be open and free.  The web site creates many ways to reach out to the team and its coaches.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us.