Group Equipment List

Summary of Equipment Used:

  Swimsuit/Jammers, Cap and Googles Team caps can be purchased from the team, and we make an order once a season for custom caps with the swimmers names on them. Watch for the team emails for more information! We do t-shirt orders and other gear bulk orders, but if you need something in the meantime, check out our team store! 


Zoomer Fins

Swimming fins are designed to help swimmers develop a more powerful kick, increase their kick tempo, and improve ankle flexibility. They also help swimmer move through the water faster, which makes them one of our most essential pieces of swim equipment. Zoomer fins are just like regular fins, but much shorter. They are available in different sizes to fit your child.
  Strokemaker Paddles Strokemakers were engineered to improve your swimming stroke while limiting stress on your shoulders. Strokemakers can be used in all four competitive strokes for drills, pulling sets, and sprint-assisted swimming.
  Pulling Bouy A figure-eight shaped, foam bouy that swimmers can place between their ankles or thighs. Pulling bouys allow the swimmer to focus more on their arms during workouts.
  Kickboard Kickboards improve workouts by allowing a swimmer to isolate the leg muscles and focus on form and technique for various swim strokes. Additionally a kickboard can help a beginning swimmer stay afloat as they learn to control themselves in the water.
  Forward-Facing Swim Snorkel Swim snorkels are used in training for competitive swim, because it allows a swimmer to balance out their stroke. Being able to turn your arms over quickly and evenly gives you a smoother stroke that can help you to maintain velocity across the pool, and can balance out the workload across the sides of your body to avoid over-loading one of your shoulders. This can help to prevent shoulder injury in swimmers. It also helps swimmers to practice keeping their faces down during freestyle. There are many other great uses for the swim-snorkel and our advanced groups use them regularly.

Equipment Requirements for Each Group:

Jr. Orca:  Mesh equipment bag, kickboard, Zoomer style fins.

Jr. Age Group Development:  Mesh equipment bag, kickboard, Zoomer style fins.

Age Group Development:  Mesh equipment bag, kickboard, Zoomer style fins.

Age Group Premier Red and Black:  Mesh equipment bag, kickboard, pull buoy, Zoomer style fins.

Age Group Elite:  Zoomer style fins, mesh equipment bag, kick board, pulling buoy, Strokemaker paddles, forward-facing swim snorkel.

High School Development:  Zoomer style fins, mesh equipment bag, kick board, pulling buoy, Strokemaker paddles.

Senior Elite:  Zoomer style fins, mesh equipment bag, kick board, pulling buoy, Strokemaker paddles, forward-facing snorkel.


Our team contracts with Swimsuits West out of Fresno, call (559) 435-4898 and ask for the bag type associated with the group that your child swims in: 

Jr. Orca: Ask for the "BAC Junior Bag"

Jr. Age Group Development : Ask for the "BAC Junior Bag"

Age Group Performance: Ask for the "BAC Beginner Bag"

Age Group Premier Red & Black: Ask for the "BAC Beginner Bag"

High School Development: Ask for the "BAC Intermediate Bag"

Age Group Elite: Ask for the "BAC Advanced  Bag"

Senior Elite: Ask for the "BAC Advanced Bag"


Norm Allington, Swim Suits West

6650 North Blackstone Ave #107

Fresno CA 93710

(559) 435-4898